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Ezoic Vs Newor Media

by Paul
Ezoic Vs Newor Media

Unlike the old days, monetization through display advertising in the 2020s is significantly more high-tech. There’s data science, deep learning, data modeling, and loads of very clever ways in determining the most ideal way to show ads. All of which aim to earn you as much as possible in ad revenues. Thus, why we’re looking at how Ezoic vs Newor Media could change that.

Data is a very important resource in the world of online ads. They inform you on the best place to put ads on a page, or how many ads should ideally be shown. Using data, you can get some insight into what sort of ads work, or the best layout for them. Thus, you can tweak this to min-max your ad revenues, though Ezoic vs Newor Media could at least make this much easier.

In Ezoic’s case, they adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning to dynamically alter your site’s ad layout in real-time. Plus, it could tailor this for each user, too. Similarly, Newor Media leverages programmatic advertising to net you that perfect balance between high ad revenues and a good user experience. So, Ezoic vs Newor Media… Who’s the right fit for your website?

What Is Ezoic?

First off, let’s take a closer look at the former in Ezoic vs Newor Media. Ezoic is a top premium ad provider, with more than 10,000 publishers monetizing with them already. Their USP is the use of AI and machine learning to automatically and dynamically alter your site’s ad layout on the fly. It uses this to understand what your site’s audience is most likely to engage with.

With that insight in mind, Ezoic’s clever algorithms and computing will change where ads show up, how many of them to display, how big they are, and the type of ads that appear. This could best attract user engagement and impressions. While at the same time, Ezoic could tailor these ads to target each user. Thus, netting you more clicks and higher ad revenues down the line.

Ezoic Daily Earnings Example

Besides that, there are other advantages to Ezoic

  • Automated ad management, which only requires setting up once. When that’s done, you can sit back and relax, as Ezoic’s AI and machine learning will continue to optimize those ads.
  • Premium advertisers and header bidding solutions, which offer publishers more ways to earn higher ad revenues. This is so, as advertisers can actively compete for ad spots.
  • Machine learning learns in real-time what your site’s users like and what they don’t. As such, it can allow Ezoic to be even smarter as time passes by in how to maximize the ad layout.
  • Loads of additional tools and services that come with it. Once you sign up, you have extra tools such as optimizing SEO, hosting videos, hosting with Ezoic’s CDN, speeding up your site, and more.
  • Offers an in-depth and exhaustive analytics dashboard. Here, you can get a breakdown of your site’s traffic, per-page earnings, and other metrics such as how many ads are shown.

What Is Newor Media?

With Ezoic out of the way, how about our other contended in Ezoic vs Newor Media? They have a similar approach when it comes to using the very best of adtech. So far, Newor Media has already become one of the fastest-growing ad firms, with more than 1.5-billion monthly impressions. It can mostly be attributed to their clever solutions in optimizing how ads appear on your site.

Their approach is mostly programmatic, as they analyze how well ads perform on a site. Then, take all that data and learn how to optimize it further. Rather than using AI to change ad templates on the fly, they have a dedicated team that’ll continually tweak it. This is combined with their algorithmic bidding and machine learning to provide you with high-earning ads.

There are other upsides to Newor Media, as well…

  • Algorithmic, real-time bidding ensures that your site is monetized with high-yielding ad units. It can help to boost your ad revenues, as advertisers could outbid each other for ad spots.
  • Programmatic advertising is designed to create an optimal balance between user experiences and ad revenues. This is aided by their use of data science and machine learning.
  • Performance-oriented advertising, with lightweight and well-optimized ad units that have little to no impact on site load times. This is good for both Core Web Vitals and browsing speeds.
  • Diverse advertising pool, with Newor’s extensive partnerships through numerous ad exchanges and marketplaces. Thus, publishers can tap into lucrative advertisers with high payouts.
  • Strong focus on customer support, with highly flexible payment options. In addition, they have a short payments window, so that your earnings are easily accessible within 30 days.

What Are The Differences Between Ezoic Vs Newor Media?

Having looked at what both Ezoic vs Newor Media offers, here’s how they differ…

Minimum Requirements

Comparing Ezoic vs Newor Media, it’s clear that Ezoic is more accessible for smaller sites. With their Access Now initiative, even publishers with fewer than 10,000 monthly pageviews can still monetize with them, regardless. On the other hand, Newor Media requires that sites have over 30,000 monthly pageviews at the minimum before they could qualify for monetization.

Traffic Geography

A key benefit of Ezoic is that they could best maximize your ad revenues, regardless of where a site’s traffic comes from. In stark contrast, your site has to be in English and have a majority of the traffic be based in the US to ensure good monetization with Newor Media. As such, if your site has an international audience or is written in other languages, Ezoic is a better choice.

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Site Integration And Setup

For publishers that don’t have extensive technical knowledge, both Ezoic vs Newor Media is pretty easy to set up and get going. However, Ezoic is ever so slightly more challenging, unless you opt for cloud integration. Otherwise, you’ll have to get nameservers working. Although, it does come with the ability for publishers to have more granular control with Ezoic.

Ad Layout Optimisation

Ezoic vs Newor Media, as we’ve learned, both use clever tech to optimize the ad layout on your website. Once you’ve integrated with Ezoic, their AI and machine learning could automatically make changes to the ad layout to maximize ad revenues. With Newor Media, they have teams that’ll have to spend time tweaking your ad layout on the back-end based on data analytics.

Ad Density

To provide a better user experience, Newor Media, unfortunately, shows fewer ad units on a page. At most, you’ll get 6 ad spots from Newor Media. Of course, the more ad units you have on your site, the higher your potential ad revenues could be. By default, Ezoic could easily show 10 to 20 ad units on average, sometimes more. Therefore, you’d likely earn more in ads from Ezoic.

Header Bidding

Similarly, Ezoic vs Newor Media also features numerous algorithmic and programmatic bidding solutions for advertisers. In particular, they both have header bidding tools and have access to high-paying ad marketplaces. This allows publishers to put ad spots on their pages for bidding. Compared to regular ad spots, these bidding placeholders usually earn you a whole lot more.

Analytics Dashboard

If you look at Ezoic vs Newor Media, a quick glance will tell you that Ezoic offers more in-depth analytics for publishers. Their dashboard has insight on, for example, the highest-earning pages or how fast individual pages to load. This is in addition to other metrics such as traffic, revenues, and more. Meanwhile, Newor Media only shows publishers the most basic of analytics.

Payment Window

Both Ezoic vs Newor Media won’t hold on to your money for too long. If you need to withdraw your ad earnings in a pinch, Ezoic and Newor Media feature NET 30-day payment windows. In other words, your January ad revenues will be paid out by the end of February. They both also feature plenty of payment options, such as PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfers, and more.

Turn On Ezoic's Ad Tester

Which One Is Best, Ezoic Vs Newor Media?

So then, we’ve compared the differences between Ezoic vs Newor Media thus far. With all that in mind, who’s the better ad provider? It’s a tough call, as both Ezoic and Newor Media excel in regard to ad revenues. Some publishers note that one earns slightly higher than the others, but overall, they offer incredibly handsome earnings. It goes to show how well their tech works.

Moreover, they both could do well in optimizing your site’s user experience, too. It’s thanks in no small part to their clever and cutting-edge technology. In addition, Ezoic and Newor also trade punches when it comes to bidding solutions for ad units, as a neat way for publishers to earn more. However, Ezoic vs Newor starts to turn around once you consider what you get.

Upon signing up to Ezoic, you get access to numerous other tools and services besides just the ads. You can, for example, optimize title tags, host videos, use Ezoic’s cloud CDN, or speed up page load times with their web optimizer. Newor Media doesn’t offer any of these. Plus, Ezoic has an ad revenue guarantee, where they’ll promise that you’ll earn at least 25% more.

If not, they’ll pay the difference (and 25% more on top of that)! Furthermore, Ezoic could help monetize your site for an international audience. Moreover, you have more granular control and have access to exhaustive analytics when compared to Newor Media. While Newor has a great set of ad optimization tech for publishers, we’d stick with Ezoic for the time being.

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