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Why Should You Move To Ezoic From AdSense, AdThrive Or Mediavine

by Paul
Why Should You Move To Ezoic From AdSense, AdThrive Or Mediavine

If you’re looking to monetize your online content by displaying advertisements, there are dime a dozen different services and ad providers out there. Each one, at its core, offers you the ability to embed a selection of ads on your webpage. In return, you make some earnings anytime folks view or click into them. In doing so, you’d gain ad revenue, but unless you’re using Ezoic, you’re probably not earning a lot.

Should you be keen on expanding your creative reach or evolving your blog or publication, yielding ad revenue by the bucket loads is no bad thing. Like us, you may be interested in reinvesting a newfound source of profit into more content. With that in mind, why bother with popular solutions like AdSense, AdThrive, or Mediavine, when you could be earning far more with ads from Ezoic, instead?

What Makes Ezoic Any Special?

What makes Ezoic any different, you might ask? Well, it’s simply down to the fact that Ezoic leverages the cutting edge in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In doing so, Ezoic is able to dynamically alter how ads are being shown on your website. For instance, it can change the location of where ads appear, the sizing of each placeholder, how many ads there are, and what type of ads are shown.

All of this is done automatically, and tailored for every site visitor. Imagine, if your site has thousands of visitors, feeding valuable data to Ezoic’s AI to better fine-tune ads on your site. This improves user engagement and encourages them to spend more time on your site. Consequently, leading to higher organic traffic, and soon enough, ad revenues beyond what you might expect from the competition.

Could Ezoic Really Earn You That Much?

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Ever since we made the transition to using Ezoic in October of 2020, we’ve been keeping a close eye. Although, Ezoic already blew our minds away inside of a month. In less than 30 days following our migration out of Google’s AdSense, Ezoic netted us 3.5x more in ad revenues. For context, that’s $606 compared to AdSense’s comparatively paltry $177.

An awe-inspiring multiple in such a short amount of time, no doubt. As of writing, we’re up a lot in monthly ad revenue (see our recent ad reports), and our returns are steadily climbing. If you’ve looked at our case study notes, then you’ll know just how much of an impact it’s made, as we reinvested thousands of dollars in profits into creating new content.

Our in-depth and exhaustive review of Ezoic also goes into great detail about the financials behind our switch to using Ezoic. We noted how traffic into our domain grew by nearly 900% in the above mentioned period. Even on mundane days, we could be earning as much as 3x more in ad revenue every day with Ezoic, compared to an entire month with AdSense. So, are you not convinced yet?

Besides promising higher ad revenues, Ezoic brings a lot more to the table beside that. So, what else can you get when looking at its rivals if you migrate over to Ezoic right now? Well, how about getting access to a wide array of additional tools to complement your site with…

What Does Ezoic Offer Which The Others Don’t?

  • Big Data Analytics – In stark contrast to most other ad providers out there, Ezoic features an incredibly extensive set of analytics at your disposal. You can analyze the nitty-gritty of how your site is running, is it performing well, or how much traffic it’s pulling in. There’s a metric for everything!
  • Leap Optimisation – As you tack on more ads, media, and other scripts onto your website, it’ll steadily become slower and less optimized. Hence, why Ezoic offers its Leap software to analyze your site and offers recommendations on how to speed up your publication’s load times and performance.
  • Video Hosting – Do you want to embed videos onto a page, but don’t want to rely on YouTube? If this is the case, then lucky you, as Ezoic has its own video hosting service. By uploading videos and showing ads on them, it’s a neat way to maximize ad revenues and get more traffic from SEO.
  • CDN – Well, Ezoic could practically host your entire site on their cloud servers, too! Tuned for speed, Ezoic’s cloud hosting service ensures faster page load times, quicker loading of ads, as well as enhancements to safety and security.
  • Ad Tester – A great technique for maximizing ad revenue is tweaking how ads are shown on your site. Alas, this is typically a laborious process that takes countless trial and error. So, why not automate it through Ezoic’s AI-powered Ad Tester tool, and effortlessly test millions of possible combinations.
  • Free WordPress Hosting – Most internet entrepreneurs always seem to host dozens of sites and those hosting fees can add up. By signing up to Ezoic, you will get access to 100% free web hosting with unlimited storage. Personally, I don’t think it is great for high traffic sites. But, if you are doing less than around 10,000 pageviews a month, the resource is there if you need it.

Are You Losing Anything By Going Over To Ezoic?

You might be wondering then, what do you lose out by switching to Ezoic? Based on our experiences, nothing. It’s a win-win-win when you hop over to Ezoic, as they’ve historically yielded higher returns on ads over the rest of its competition. Moreover, and as we looked at earlier, you get loads of extra complementary tools in addition to powering and managing ads on your site.

Ezoic Leap Speed Optimisations

But just in case you’re not yet 100% sure about moving over to Ezoic, they do have a few initiatives to try and make that migration process much easier…

  • Ad Revenue Guarantee – Once you’ve signed up to Ezoic, you can partake in its ad revenue guarantee program. Here, Ezoic will promise that it’ll earn you at least 25% more in ad revenue compared to its rivals within 30 days. Otherwise, they’ll pay the difference, and 25% more on top of that, too!
  • Mediation Tools – Though we’ve switched to Ezoic, we’re still technically using Google’s AdSense aswell. This is thanks to Ezoic’s mediation tools. In practice, you’ll mostly see ads from Ezoic on your site. However, Ezoic could swap some out for Google’s ads if they think Google could earn you more.
  • Access Now – However, what if you’re a small publisher? Normally, premium ad providers have pretty high requirements to invite you onto their platform. Yet, this isn’t the case with Ezoic, as their Access Now program was specially built for publishers with fewer than 10,000 monthly visits.
  • Split-Testing – Granted, some of you might still be attached to your existing ad provider. Worry not, as Ezoic’s split-testing feature lets you throttle your site’s traffic, and monetize from both Ezoic and your current provider. This is a great way to fairly compare the two, and see how they perform.

What Benefits Do You Gain By Switching Over To Ezoic?

On the surface, Ezoic throws in a lot of handy features and services in addition to its clever ads. Down the line, all of these add up helping to drive up traffic onto your site. Thus, multiplying ad revenue by a tonne. There are numerous other benefits and positive side-effects of signing up to Ezoic. This is especially if you’re comparing it with rival solutions like AdSense, AdThrive, and Mediavine, as well…

Real-Time Traffic Data SEO Visits Organic Search

  • By showing engaging, relevant, and interesting ads for your visitors, this will be a massive boon for your site’s overall user experience.
  • Despite that, Ezoic’s ad networks are safe, secure, and don’t compromise the privacy of your audience.
  • You could maximize the number of ads that show up on a page. Nonetheless, without putting too many in there that your visitors get annoyed.
  • Automates almost everything about embedding and managing ads on your website, through Ezoic’s AI and machine learning.
  • Ezoic regularly learns what ads visitors would like to see. Hence, tailoring how ads are shown to individual users, leading to higher click-through rates.
  • With all of the optimizations in mind, you’d be left having to spend less of your precious time manually setting things up.
  • Ezoic has grants and schemes to help accelerate growth and support those smaller publishers with an investment.
  • Has excellent staff that is always ready to respond to your inquiries. This includes their technical support team, to their Publisher Success Managers.

Should You Make The Move To Ezoic?

There’s an overwhelming number of reasons why switching over to Ezoic brings substantial benefits to your site. At the very least, you’re looking at much more lucrative ad revenues compared to competing services. On top of that, Ezoic doesn’t shy away from including a myriad of additional tools that’ll help with optimizing your website. That there is a value-added bonus, and a fantastic one, at that.

Our recommendation is for you to take a closer look and consider the figures that you’re getting. This applies to anyone out there running ads from AdSense, AdThrive, Mediavine, or any other ad provider. Now, take a look at how much traffic you’re pulling in, and compare it to our case study. Are you not earning nearly as much, despite the fact that you’re accruing roughly similar or higher traffic?

If that’s the case, it won’t hurt to jump into Ezoic to start earning that juicier ad revenue that your site has always deserved. Once you’re ready to being your journey anew, you can sign up to Ezoic with our affiliate link here. But, what if you’re unsure about something or don’t know where to get started? If this is so, feel free to hit me up on our Contact page. I’ll be more than happy to have a chat.

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