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What Is Ezoic?

by Paul
What Is Ezoic

So, what is Ezoic, who are they, and what makes them so special? Simply put, they’re a great solution for those who want to explore their creative side, but end up stumbling upon an all-too-familiar obstacle – money. Through Ezoic, you can monetize your online content, be it a small blog or a massive publication, as well as earn higher ad revenue through advertising on your page, compared to other services like AdSense.

Earning an income through online ads is incredibly tricky. Having too many ads can lead to a bad user experience, which encourages them to ditch you left and right. With poor traffic, high bounce rate, as well as little to no valuable time being spent on your site, how could you expect to earn anything. At least, this was the case before Ezoic entered the fray, offering publishers a win-win for monetization.

What Makes Ezoic Special?

They turn the simple art of online advertising into an impactful and valuable tool for accelerating your site into a new chapter. You might be wondering how they could accomplish that. Quite simply, using a buzzword that typically gets misplaced, but is all too real in the case of Ezoic – AI. Or, artificial intelligence, and when combined with machine learning, maximizes what you could earn with ads.

Unlike boring old ads that statically plaster themselves on a webpage, Ezoic’s ads adopt AI and computation to tailor them for each user. Whereas old-school ads remain idle, Ezoic can intelligently alter how their ads appear on a webpage in real-time. All without disrupting (if anything, it enhances) the underlying content. It can change the positioning, density, type, and sizing of ad banners to suit each visitor.

One visitor might see fewer or more ads than another visitor. But having to scroll through fewer ads on a page doesn’t mean that you’re earning less. With millions of possible combinations of how ads could be shown, varying in their appearance and placement, there are ample opportunities for Ezoic to gain your business maximal ad revenue. On every visit, Ezoic’s AI keeps on learning through trial and error.

Over time, Ezoic’s AI becomes more aware about what works for your site and audience, and what doesn’t. In the end, it dynamically changes how users are approached with online advertising. Now, its become a tool to bring lots of value back to your followers with improved user experience. In short, they spend more time on your site, you get higher traffic, thus leading to higher ad earnings for you.

What Else Could Ezoic Do?

Of course, Ezoic’s specialty lies beyond its tried-and-tested AI-powered ads and machine learning. An abundance of tools are at your disposal anytime you log into Ezoic. Besides, ad revenue is dependent on more than just folks hopping onto your site and looking at commercials. Here’s what you can stand to gain by switching over once you’ve already figured out what is Ezoic…

  • Ezoic Leap is a bleeding-edge web speed optimization tool, by recommending how you can improve your site’s load times and performance. Do you have some unnecessary scripts running in the background or is the programming a bit dated? Leap will sniff it out and teach you how to make it faster.
  • Big Data Analytics is Ezoic’s suite of analysis tools, where you can dive deep into your site. Here, you’ll learn about how much traffic you’re pulling, or maybe how much (or little) time folks are spending on your site. With Ezoic, you’ll be working with more detail and in greater clarity than ever before.
  • Mediation is a particularly neat little tool, which highlights Ezoic’s goals of keeping publishers like you and me in their interest. Through its mediation feature, you can monetize your site with Ezoic, and yet they’ll automatically embed ads from its rivals like Google’s AdSense if it could earn you more.
  • Besides these mainstays, Ezoic has a plethora of other tools for you to leverage. These include how it’ll let you host videos (like YouTube) and monetize ads through it. Ezoic has its own CDN to serve pages faster, ways for you to test SEO keywords, or perhaps give you a rundown of your site’s health.

Is It Really That Transformative?

In our experience, absolutely. On our case study domain, we earned 3.5x more in ad revenue within a single month of switching over to Ezoic from AdSense. Within a year, earnings from showing ads with Ezoic shot up by 1,350%. That’s on top of around 600% in growth for traffic to our site. Thanks to our meatier ad revenues from Ezoic, we’ve been able to reinvest the earnings into making new content.

If you’re a tinier publisher, Ezoic is just as welcoming to you as it would be with larger publications. With their Access Now program, sites with less than 10,000 monthly visits are more than happy to come aboard. And for those who are unsure about making the switch, consider taking up Ezoic’s own revenue guarantee program. Here, they promise that within 30 days, you’ll earn at least 25% more than your current ad provider.

Should your current ad provider or its rivals net you higher ad revenues instead, Ezoic will pay the difference (plus 25% on top of that)! Through the magic of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ezoic has since changed the game for monetizing our fellow publishers. We’ve come across costlier services similar to what Ezoic offers but nevertheless aren’t nearly as lucrative. Or, as featureful of a toolset.

It’s a domino effect of compounding benefits. As Ezoic’s AI configures the layout of ads and rejigs them to optimize the user interface. This leads to better engagement from your site’s visitors, as ever-increasing traffic drives up ad revenue. Meanwhile, it’s done automatically, without you having to break a sweat. So then… What is Ezoic? It could very well be the premium ad provider you’ve been looking for to help grow your site.

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