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Ezoic Vs Monumetric

by Paul
Ezoic Vs Monumetric

If you’re seeking to maximize monetization and ad revenues on your website, there are dime a dozen different platforms to do so. Unlike in the old days, high-quality and effective ad networks are abundant out there. Your new dilemma now is picking out the right one that’ll be a good fit for your site. Such as, in our case, choosing between Ezoic vs Monumetric.

Both have seen raving reviews and positive feedback concerning their functionality, as well as performance and what you get at the end of it. But between Ezoic vs Monumetric, which one would be best for your use case? Would you prefer Ezoic’s use of AI and machine learning to tailor ads on your site? Or, Monumetric’s more collaboration-based application?

While they both offer publishers high ad revenues and various methods to best optimize user experience, their way of doing so is distinct from one another. So, let’s take a look at which among Ezoic vs Monumetric would be most suitable for your site…

What Is Ezoic?

First, let’s introduce ourselves to Ezoic, one of the world’s top premium ad networks. Their key differentiator compared to most other ad providers is the use of AI and machine learning, just as we noted earlier. As your site gains traffic, Ezoic’s big data computation will learn and then adapt to the behavior of your site’s visitors. Thus, varying how its display ads would appear.

In short, Ezoic would alter the placement, density, sizing, and type of ads that appear based on what your users would click on the most. Ideally, its AI and machine learning processing would find out what ad layout and template work best. Therefore, garnering better user interaction and engagement for those ads. It does this dynamically and automatically for each user, too.

Ezoic Vs Monumetric

This is Ezoic’s unique method of netting you higher ad revenues, by maximizing the number of ads that appear. However, this doesn’t come at a cost for your site visitors, as that same AI, as well as a machine learning system, can change the layout of ads for a better user experience. It could display enough ads to yield maximized returns, without slowing the page.

Its focus on user experience is in addition to the other solutions offered to publishers, including:

  • SEO Tag Tester – A tool designed to help maximize the SEO of a page by optimizing the title tags and URL.
  • Mediation – With this, you can monetize your site with Ezoic, alongside Google’s AdSense, if Ezoic thinks that Google could earn you more.
  • Leap – It’s a speciality web optimization tool made to highlight what’s slowing your site down, with quick troubleshooting steps to speed things up.
  • Video Player – If you don’t want to host videos on YouTube, you could use Ezoic and monetize them with Ezoic’s ads.

What Is Monumetric?

Meanwhile, we also have the latter half of Ezoic vs Monumetric to discuss. Whereas Ezoic has AI and machine learning to do the heavy lifting, Monumetric adopts a more hands-off, tailored service to publishers. Their USP is collaboration, pinned on a close relationship between them and publishers. Thus, allowing Monumetric’s team of analysts to closely monitor your site.

Combined with old-school data crunching, Monumetric has folks who will work hand-in-hand with publishers to optimize their monetization. Primarily, determining the best way to display ads on your site, hence achieving your set objectives. They even have special audits as well as techies who’ll design the ad layout, based on what you’re looking for and going after.

You do get some degree of control, such as configuring how many ads to show up on a page at any time. But for the most part, Monumetric manages most of this off-site, such as setting up the ad placements, just to make it easier on you. In general, and just like Ezoic, Monumetric’s system promises higher ad revenues for you, and a better user experience for everyone else.

Besides that, there are a few other neat touches and solutions that make Monumetric unique:

  • Video AdvertisingDisplay videos on your site, on top of high CPMs and monetization from a select group of premium advertisers.
  • Data-Driven Monetisation – With in-depth analytics, Monumetric tailors ads on your site to best net you maximal returns, alongside an engaging user experience.
  • Site Audit – Caters ad layouts based on user behavior through intensive data analysis, and works to achieve higher ad revenues.
  • Reports And Analytics – You get an in-depth dashboard to view site analytics, such as traffic, earnings, key metrics, and more.

What Are The Key Differences On Ezoic Vs Monumetric?

Having looked at what Ezoic vs Monumetric respectively offers to publishers, we can now look at how they differ in the services that you, as a publisher, get in return…

Minimum Traffic

Ezoic is more approachable, thanks to its Access Now program. For those of you who have fewer than 10,000 monthly pageviews, you’re still welcome to join Ezoic. In the case of Monumetric, its lowest tier requires at least 10,000 monthly pageviews.

Ezoic Vs Monumetric

Onboarding Time

Once you’ve signed up to Ezoic, your site could start showing ads within a matter of days once everything’s been set up. Monumetric, however, can take between 2 to 6 weeks just for approval. Then, there’s the time required for its team to audit your site.

Setup Process

One key advantage of Monumetric is its tailored approach. This means that integrating your website and setting up the ads is a breeze, as they do most of the work. This is similar to Ezoic, it takes about 12 weeks to get the site tuned up to get things working right.

Minimum Ads

Ezoic’s Ad Tester tool lets you place as many or as few ads as you want on any page before its computation optimizes it for you. Meanwhile, Monumetric mandates that you have at least 6 of its ad spots on any webpage at a time.

Monetization Options

You get more control with Ezoic, such as turning on and off their ads or maybe showing ads from another network, such as AdSense. You could also change the ad layout more readily. Nevertheless, Monumetric is more tight-knit, using an ad template of their choosing.

Ezoic Vs Monumetric

Page Load Times

Owing to how Monumetric optimizes the ad placements on your site, this’ll generally result in slightly faster page loading times compared to Ezoic. On the latter, you have to work harder to make sure the ads don’t slow down your website by too much.

Add-On Services

Ezoic offers a lot more extra tools and services. These include special tools to help maximize your site’s SEO, or perhaps even monetize alongside another ad provider. Most of these are included for free once you sign on, while Monumetric is relatively barebones.


When you’re ready to cash out, Ezoic will pay your ad revenues within 30 days once a month is over. Monumetric’s payment timeframe is a bit longer, with a 60-day window.


When you’re just starting out, Ezoic doesn’t charge any sign-up fees. It’s only when you start earning that you pay a 10% revenue share. On the other hand, Monumetric charges you a $99 setup fee from the get-go, with more fees to pay for down the line.

Notice Period

Should you wish to move on, you can easily end your contract with Ezoic at any time you desire, with no advance notice required. This is much harder with Monumetric, which asks for a 30-day notice period before you can quiet monetizing with them.

Ezoic Vs Monumetric, Which One Is The Best Fit For You?

Overall, Ezoic vs Monumetric highlights just how far we’ve come with online monetization. Ad revenues have never been as easy to achieve, and more well-optimized to meet your long-term goals. In addition, caring for your site’s user experience, while also providing valuable insight and tools to help your site grow. With that in mind, which one is the right fit for your website?

Well, Ezoic is certainly the best choice if you’re a smaller publisher, who also values high yields and upsides from monetization. Moreover, Ezoic would also be the right match with publishers that want more control over how ads behave on their sites. Do you want more ads or fewer of them? Then, there’s their lower upfront costs, plus all the extra tools and services you get.

On the flipside, Monumetric is more suited for larger and already established publications. The hands-off and we-do-everything-for-you service certainly makes setting up and managing your site much more effortless. While you may not get as much configurability, you’re still getting a collection of top-dollar ads so they say. Furthermore, there are various optimizations to gain an optimal UX.

In all, you can’t go wrong with either Ezoic vs Monumetric. Both of them promise far higher ad revenues compared to popular ad networks like AdSense. Thus, offering publishers a valuable catalyst to aid in evolving and growing your site’s traffic in due time. Our personal favorite is still Ezoic, but depending on your needs, you could easily get just as much out of Monumetric. If I was making this decision I would remember that Ezoic guarantees to earn you 25% more than Monumetric, so that does help make the decision for you.

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