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Ezoic Revenue Guarantee – 25% More Ad Revenue Or They Pay The Difference

by Paul
Ezoic Revenue Guarantee

Our experience with Ezoic has been, frankly, mind-blowing. Within just a year, an unnamed case study domain of ours saw us growing from being a tiny blog site on the fringes of the web to a popular publication in our niche. It’s awe-inspiring, and quite surprising, as I wouldn’t have guessed that a change in ad provider could have made that big of a difference.

With the higher ad revenues that we’ve accrued through Ezoic’s smart AI-based advertising as well as its machine learning tools and analytics, we’ve reinvested thousands of dollars into creating new and exciting content. Compared to the old days when we relied solely on Google’s AdSense, our transition to Ezoic has yielded earnings that we never thought were possible. All of this is thanks to Ezoic’s ad platform.

How Far We’ve Come Thanks To Ezoic’s Ad Revenue

For a spot of context, September 2020 was the last month that we monetized through AdSense alone, and it made us just $177. That’s for the entire month, accounting for all 30 or so days. Yet, when the migration over to Ezoic occurred, that same domain raked in $606 in ad revenue. We’re talking about a whopping 3.5x gain in less than a month! As recent as February 2022, we’re pulling in $12,000+.

That’s an astounding growth projection in just 17 months, especially when you’d take into account that our case study domain has been around for 7 to 8 years. Never once did we do a double-take as hard as we did after switching to Ezoic. All those profits weren’t wasted, either.

Ezoic Revenue Guarantee

As we mentioned, it was reinvested heavily into our content. Since then, we’ve written countless new and aspiring articles, on top of growing our writing team. In addition to the quality and quantity of all our newer content, we’re also able to invest our Ezoic ad revenues into our content strategy. In other words, planning out what to write, doing extensive keyword research, and fine-tuning our work.

All the while organically pulling in ever-expanding traffic, month after month. That ought to show just how powerful online advertising is for growing your site. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an upstart blog or are a gargantuan publication. Switching to Ezoic could be the best decision you’ll make, and we’ve experienced this repeatedly. Tantalizingly, we then have an Ezoic revenue guarantee in place.

What Is Ezoic’s Revenue Guarantee?

So, what is this Ezoic revenue guarantee program, anyway? In short, it’s an appealing initiative for a publisher to test out how much they’d earn with Ezoic compared to their existing ad provider. To put it simply, the Ezoic revenue guarantee promises that you’ll earn at least 25% more in ad revenue over the competition within 30 days. If not, Ezoic will pay you the difference, and 25% on top of that.

Sounds like a tasty deal, no? There’s little risk in losing either, as Ezoic would still allow you to embed ads from its rivals, alongside Ezoic’s. It’s practically a head-to-head fight, at this point. And, if you’ve chosen not to stick around with Ezoic after trying it out, you could always move back to your current ad network provider. So, if your ad revenue goes up, you win. If it doesn’t, you still win regardless.

Earnings Per Thousand Visitors

There’s no harm in at least giving it a go, given that Ezoic will pay you back if it doesn’t work. This is a part of Ezoic’s aim of yielding publishers like you higher EPMVs (earnings per thousand visitors) than any other ad provider. Which, in our testing (you can read more of it in our monthly revenue reports), has been proven to be more than effective. So, what would the Ezoic revenue guarantee look like?

Here’s an example…

You’re a large site that’s now raking in $50,000 in monthly ad revenue and are pulling in some heavy traffic. Now, you’re thinking about switching ad providers to Ezoic? With the Ezoic revenue guarantee in place, you can test this out for an agreed duration. If you don’t earn at least 25% more ($12,500+) in ad revenue by the end of that, Ezoic will pay the difference… And 25% more on top of that, as well!

What’re The Terms And Conditions Of Ezoic’s Revenue Guarantee

Again, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a solid try, seeing how impactful of a change it’s made for us. Naturally, there are certain terms and conditions that come with this Ezoic revenue guarantee program. Firstly, there’s a simple minimum requirement for your site to partake in it. The domain in question has to be:

  • Live and running for more than 14 days, at least.
  • Inviting more than 10,000 visits every month.
  • Earning more than $50 already in monthly ad revenue.
  • Level 1 in Ezoic’s tier level, or higher.
  • Integrated with Ezoic’s ad system through its Cloud service.

Ezoic Revenue Guarantee

Ezoic has also built a unique system in place for accurately testing just how well they could monetize ads on your domain, compared to its rivals. This is what they call, ‘split-testing’. Practically speaking, it’s a way for directly testing both ad providers (Ezoic vs. its competition) side by side. And, without having to account or adjust for fickle seasonal changes or present advertising circumstances.

In layman’s terms, it’s more accurate and allows you (the publisher) a more transparent and holistic view of your actual ad returns. Then, putting it against what you could possibly earn with Ezoic, and not having to impact your domain significantly. A few more important criteria to consider during an Ezoic revenue guarantee test are:

Some Criteria For Ezoic’s Revenue Guarantee Initiative

  • EPMV – Or, ‘earnings per thousand visitors’, which is a measurement of how much you could earn for every 1,000 visitors. Ezoic prefers this metric, as it’s more reliable and precise compared to the typical CPM (cost per thousand) or RPM (revenue per thousand) that most ad providers use. For example, a site’s CPM or RPM may increase, but your overall ad revenue would decrease given similar traffic.
  • Best Practice – Of course, this is to make sure that Ezoic is being judged fairly against rival ad network providers. To do this, you’ll have to ensure that your site has ad placeholders with sufficient densities and placement. You should also have Ezoic’s mediation tools turned on, which is a clever tool where Ezoic will automatically let you earn through AdSense if it thinks Google could earn you more.
  • Number Of Ads Shown – Ezoic’s AI will also alter the number of ads that actually appear on a visitor-by-visitor basis. In other words, Visitor A might see fewer ads than Visitor B, as Ezoic changes the ad placement and densities to better match each person. Owing to this technology, Ezoic’s ads have far higher engagement rates compared to its rivals, with minimal impact on the user experience.
  • Split-Testing – Again, we come back to Ezoic’s split-testing, which is a feature that you could leave turned on permanently. Or, you might turn it on for the purposes of comparing Ezoic and a competing ad provider. With this test, you’re essentially throttling your site to have 50% of ads from Ezoic, and the other 50% from your current ad provider. Now, you can compare their performance.

Final Thoughts On Ezoic’s Ad Revenue Guarantee

If you’re keen on earning higher ad revenues for your publication, you’re more than welcome to sign up to Ezoic right now. You could then contact an account manager to initiate this Ezoic revenue guarantee test for at least 25% higher ad revenues. Or, they’ll pay the difference (plus another 25%)! Should you be unsure about where to get started, you could hit me up on our Contact page, too.

Ezoic Daily Earnings Example

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular FAQs concerning Ezoic and the Ezoic revenue guarantee program…

How Much Can You Earn With Ezoic?

If you’re curious about giving it a go, the Ezoic revenue guarantee promises to earn you at least 25% more in ad revenue in 30 days. Or… They’ll pay the difference (plus 25%) if you don’t make it. Once it’s over, you could start earning quite a lot with Ezoic compared to AdSense, or its rivals like AdThrive or Mediavine. In our case, our first month with Ezoic saw 3.5x higher returns than Google’s AdSense.

Is Ezoic Legit?

Yes, and they’re also one of the leading premium ad network providers out there. Their USP is the use of AI and machine learning to best manage ads on your site. Primarily, with determining the best way to show ads, and varying the placement and density of ad banners. This is different for each visitor, as it tailors the appearance of ads for maximum engagement. Hence, why Ezoic pays so much in return.

Can I Use Ezoic Without AdSense?

No, you don’t need an AdSense account to get started with Ezoic. However, it’s better to sign up for a Google AdSense account and run it alongside Ezoic’s ads. This is due to Ezoic’s development of a clever mediation tool. When this is turned on, Ezoic will periodically show ads from AdSense within a page. It does this if it sees that you could be earning more in ads through Google than Ezoic.

What Are Ezoic Requirements?

Recently, Ezoic has removed its 10,000 monthly visits minimum requirement. Therefore, anyone, even smaller sites, could start signing up for Ezoic’s premium ads to earn higher returns. Although, note that Ezoic recommends that your site has at least 1,000 monthly visits for optimal results. If your site does have traffic below 10,000 per month, you can try Ezoic’s Access Now program for smaller publishers.

Is Ezoic Better Than AdSense?

Based on our experience, yes. Within just 30 days of switching from Google’s AdSense to Ezoic, we’ve noted a 3.5x increase in ad revenue for our site. All the while, traffic hasn’t changed massively, which proves just how effective Ezoic’s ads are. Alternatively, you could use Ezoic’s mediation tools to have AdSense ads running alongside it whenever Ezoic thinks it’s earning more, leading to higher returns.

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