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Ezoic Vs MonetizeMore

by Paul
Ezoic Vs MonetizeMore

Monetizing online content is a tricky tightrope to walk across at times. In theory, if you want to earn more, it’s as simple as cranking up the number of ads that show up on a page. Yet, it does come with consequences, as too many ads could be detrimental to the user experience. To put it another way, it’ll drive people away, which is what Ezoic vs MonetizeMore wants to solve.

To ensure a site’s continued growth, publishers have to find that balance between ad revenues and user experience. That way, folks will keep coming back, as you gradually build up a strong audience. Ad providers like Ezoic vs MonetizeMore are well aware that this is a prevalent issue. Hence, why they’ve offered the very best technologies to find that perfect equilibrium.

With Ezoic, they’ve adopted AI and machine learning that could understand a user’s behavior, and dynamically tweak the ad layout in real-time. MonetizeMore also has a selection of clever tech that’ll highlight ways of optimizing your site’s ad layout to meet high earnings and a good user experience. So, let’s look at Ezoic vs MonetizeMore to see who’s the best in the game…

What Is Ezoic?

We’ll begin by analyzing the former in Ezoic vs MonetizeMore. Ezoic is one of the top premium ad providers out there, with more than 10,000 publishers relying on their network. One of their distinct advantages is the unique integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning for optimizing ad layouts. It does so quite simply by continually analyzing visitor behavior.

With that data on hand, it can automatically alter a site’s ad layout on the fly, and tailor that for each site visitor. Over time, Ezoic’s AI and machine learning processing will learn what will work best, and what doesn’t. Then, it could change where ads appear, how many of them get to show up at a time, and what type of ads should be displayed. All done automatically, by the way.

Here are a few other of Ezoic’s benefits

  • Manage your ads automatically, as you won’t need to regularly tweak Ezoic. Instead, their AI and machine learning algorithms will automate the fine-tuning of the ad layouts for you.
  • Machine learning will understand in real-time what your site visitors like and what they don’t. In doing so, Ezoic could provide more relevant ads and tailor how they’re shown.
  • Extensive analytics dashboard, with every metric that you can desire. With Ezoic, they’ll have metrics for on-page revenues, site-wide traffic, or even how many ads show up.
  • Huge selection of extra tools and services once you sign up. It’s not just the ads, as Ezoic offers tools to optimize SEO, host videos, use their cloud CDNs, as well as speed up page load times.
  • Access to premium advertisers and high-paying ad exchanges. On top of that, they have pretty clever header bidding services, so advertisers could bid handsomely for ads on your site.

What Is MonetizeMore?

Just like the latter in Ezoic vs MonetizeMore, MonetizeMore has a tech-focused approach to maximizing your site’s ad revenues. While at the same time, they’ll ensure that it won’t cost a publisher with a poor on-site user experience. They have numerous optimization tech working in the background, alongside a dynamic advertising model to prompt better engagement.

On top of that, MonetizeMore tries to earn you more through their programmatic bidding. It’ll open up a wide pool of high-paying advertisers, and promise a more sustainable increase in ad earnings. This is then backed up by their innovative header bidding services, as well as an in-depth analytics dashboard for publishers to best analyze and gauge how their website is doing.

Moreover, MonetizeMore has other unique advantages, like…

  • Inventive and transparent header bidding platform where advertisers can compete for ad units on your website. They feature a unified interface and optimize the ads automatically.
  • Has in-app monetization for those who’ve built mobile apps. This includes in-app ad mediation and connects your app to a wide network of high-paying advertisers to embed their ads.
  • Offers unique solutions such as Traffic Cop, where it could find and prevent invalid traffic from flooding your site. This would ultimately cut down on ad fraud and protect your monetization.
  • Extensive analytics dashboard, where publishers can get insight into every aspect of their site. This includes monitoring revenue and traffic data, as well as customizing actionable reports.
  • Allows for easy integration with your site, yet plugs directly into their ad optimizer. It’ll work to provide numerous unique ad formats, such as video ads, native ads, display ads, and more.

What Are The Key Differences Between Ezoic Vs MonetizeMore?

Now that we’ve introduced you to Ezoic vs MonetizeMore, here’s how they differ…

Minimum Requirements

Right off the bat, Ezoic is far more accessible to smaller publishers, thanks to their Access Now program. With this, even publishers with fewer than 10,000 monthly pageviews could qualify for monetization. On MonetizeMore, their most basic starter tier requires that you have over 500,000 monthly pageviews. This puts it far out of reach for a majority of publications.

Regional Traffic

Here’s some good news for publishers who aren’t based in the USA. Ezoic and MonetizeMore are both able to monetize sites, regardless of where they’re based or where the majority of traffic comes from. In stark contrast, there are many ad providers out there that can’t offer effective returns if publishers write in a different language or source traffic internationally.

Ezoic Leap Optimization

Setup And Integration

Both Ezoic vs MonetizeMore is fairly easy to set up, especially for publishers who aren’t very technically minded. They only require a simple site integration, though Ezoic could be slightly tougher if you’re opting for a nameserver link-up. However, this minor complexity is worth the trouble, owing to the sheer amount of granular control that Ezoic offers you over its rivals.

Pricing And Fees

Ezoic vs MonetizeMore also differs greatly in how they price their services. Ezoic adopts a fairly simple revenue share model. Here, they’ll take a 10% cut of ad revenues that were monetized through Ezoic. Meanwhile, MonetizeMore charges a subscription fee. Their starting tier has a $99 a month charge at the minimum, though this could fluctuate between publishers.

Ad Unit Types

When it comes to variety, Ezoic vs MonetizeMore generally ties with how many different types of ads they could provide. These include display ads, video-based ads, native ads, and more. In addition, these ads could be dynamically changed based on their placement, sizing, and type. Although, MonetizeMore doesn’t display as many ads on a single page as Ezoic.

Header Bidding

One of the most lucrative aspects of display advertising is header bidding, which both Ezoic vs MonetizeMore feature. With Ezoic, they have both programmatic bidding and mediation that could both offer higher ad revenues for publishers. In the case of MonetizeMore, they have a dashboard with a pretty neat user interface where you can manage the header bidding.

Data Analytics

Another advantage that Ezoic brings to the table would be data reporting. They have extensive analytics and metrics on every possible aspect of monetization and gauging site performance. On top of that, Ezoic is able to source the data reporting automatically. MonetizeMore doesn’t yet offer this, as only a select few of the ad network reports could be automated.

Payment Timeframe

At the very least, both Ezoic vs MonetizeMore can get you those ad revenues pretty quickly. A NET 30-day payment window is used for both ad providers. This means that, for example, your January earnings would be paid out by the end of February. You could withdraw your revenues through several payment options, including PayPal, ACH, wire transfers, and more.

Ezoic Payment Terms - Billing History Page

Which Ad Provider Is Best, Ezoic Vs MonetizeMore?

Finally, we can conclude a top choice between Ezoic vs MonetizeMore. But who would it be? In this comparison, it’s a tough call, as both Ezoic vs MonetizeMore offer publishers fantastic tech for maximizing their ad revenues. While at the same time, maintaining user experience. This is in addition to the many extra perks they each bring, such as unique header bidding solutions.

And, publishers also gain access to a plethora of additional tools and services besides just their ads. Plus, being able to peer into extensive data analytics to gauge the effectiveness of the ads on their site. However, the deciding factor will come to accessibility. MonetizeMore has a very high barrier of entry, with their most basic plans requiring at least 500k monthly pageviews.

The next step up, which has the ideal mixture of goodies thrown in, needs at least 5-million for monthly pageviews. On the other hand, Ezoic isn’t just more accessible for publishers, but they also dish out financial incentives, too. They have grants and other initiatives such as their 25% ad revenue guarantee. Here, they promise to earn you at least 25% more than their rivals.

If not, Ezoic will pay the difference (and 25% more on top of that)! It’s a shame because if the folks at MonetizeMore had a lower qualification threshold and less stringent approval steps, it could’ve been a fair fight. Otherwise, it’s just too much of an ask for sites to sign up, although those that can will no doubt make it worthwhile. In our case, we’ll stay around with Ezoic.

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