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Ezoic FAQs

by Paul
Ezoic FAQs

Having gone through the trials and tribulations ourselves, we know full well that trying to monetize online content through advertising can be challenging. Hence, our inspiration for creating this site, a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about optimizing content strategy and maximizing ad revenue from them. In our case, Ezoic could very well be the best platform to work with.

With their clever AI and machine learning, Ezoic’s premium ad network could tailor ads intelligently for your audience, resulting in higher engagement and a much better user experience for your site’s audience. Altogether, Ezoic has nailed down the technique of yielding higher ad earnings compared to its rivals. But don’t just take our word for it, as we’ve proven before that it does work.

Our case study domain, within not even a full month after switching to Ezoic, saw a 3.5x increase in monthly ad revenue compared to Google AdSense. We went into greater detail in our in-depth and lengthy review of Ezoic. Year-on-year, between February and March of 2021 to 2022, our domain’s monthly returns are up by nearly 1,350%. Meanwhile, traffic overall rose by around 600%.

We also broke down Ezoic’s performance every single month, leading all the way back to October of 2020, when we first made the switch. To this day, we’re notching higher returns every month, and we’re optimistic about what’s to come. If you’re still unsure about making the switch, Ezoic’s confident enough with their product, that they’d be more than happy to offer you an ad revenue guarantee.

Through this program, they promise that you’d earn at least 25% more than your current ad provider within 30 days. If not, they’ll pay the difference (and 25% more on top of that)! If you are thinking of migrating, Ezoic makes this process pretty simple, as is detailed in our guide on how to get started. Still, if you’re unsure about something, maybe our FAQ here might help, too…

What Is Ezoic

Ezoic is a premium ad network provider, where they leverage the use of AI and machine learning to automate the displaying of ad placeholders on your site. By understanding the behavior of visitors on a webpage, Ezoic can alter the placement, density, sizing, and type of ads displayed. Thus, enhancing engagement from your users on the fly, and consequently, net you much higher ad revenue.

How Much Does Ezoic Pay

When we started with Ezoic, there had been days when we could earn $50 in ad revenue over that 24-hour span. But thanks to its higher returns from ad revenue, we’ve reinvested thousands of dollars in profits into our content. This has helped in attracting significant organic traffic to our site, and as this cycle continues, we’re now seeing at least $500+ (sometimes $600+) in ad revenue with Ezoic.

How Does Ezoic Work

Ezoic’s ad system is powered by AI and machine learning. It uses that processing power to test and manage ad placeholders on your site, sometimes over 19-million combinations. It automates how ads are displayed, varying in placement, density, sizing, and type of ads shown at a time. As that AI continues to learn, it’ll understand the most optimum way to show ads for better earnings.

How Much Does Ezoic Cost

Ezoic will take 10% of your ad revenue for the use of their service. You never see this amount in your earnings, so it feels like a free service. Also Ezoic has a premium program, where you pay a fee at the start of each month to earn more from their platform. It will make you more money, so do sign up if invited.

When Does Ezoic Pay

Ezoic has a 30-day payment window For instance, your total January ad revenue should be paid by the end of February, and so on. The actual date will differ, sometime between the 27th and 31st of the month. The one slight inconvenience with Ezoic is that you’ll have to pay the premium upfront. You’ll only then get your income from monetization one month later, so be wary of that.

How To Setup Ezoic

After you’ve signed up for an account, you can start integrating your site with Ezoic. This is a pretty straightforward step if you’re using Cloudflare. Once that’s done, turn Ezoic’s monetization on, and continue by creating placeholders, testing them out, and letting Ezoic’s AI do its magic to see what works and what doesn’t. Our getting started guide has a more thorough breakdown of the steps.

How To Install Ezoic Layout Tester

Ezoic’s Layout Tester is a very clever tool for automating the testing of both page and ad placement layouts. This gives Ezoic’s AI an opportunity to flex its muscles, as it understands the best and most optimal way to show content and ads to your audience. There’s no installation required, as all you need to do is head to the Design tab on the Ezoic dashboard, and turn it on there.

How To Replace My Old Google AdSense Ad With The New Ezoic Code Given

If you already have AdSense ads, you can ‘wrap’ them with a specially generated Ad Code to give them the same optimization as Ezoic’s ads. Our getting started guide goes into more detail. In short, you have to create a new placeholder in Ezoic, and generated an Ad Code. As an example, it may show up as <div id=”ezoic-pub-ad-placeholder-148″> </div>. Now, break it in half, and copy <div id=”ezoic-pub-ad-placeholder-148″> ahead of your AdSense ad placeholder. Then, paste </div> as the closing script behind or below that same AdSense ad placeholder, and repeat for every ad.

Ezoic How To Add Ads.txt Manager

If you’re integrating your site with Ezoic through Cloudflare or a name server DNS-based connection, your site’s ads.txt file should be automatically detected. Otherwise, you’ll have to create it a new one, by heading over to Ads.txt Manager, which is run by Ezoic. When you’re done setting it all up, it’ll now generate an ID, where you could copy it into the Ezoic dashboard, and it’ll update your ads.txt.

How To Implement Ezoic

Our getting started guide has an exhaustive write-up on how to use Ezoic’s services for your site. It starts by signing up for an Ezoic account, before integrating your site directly to Ezoic’s servers. This is best done by linking your site through Cloudflare or a name server DNS. When that’s complete, all you need to do now is turn on monetization, and start creating some ad placeholders to earn with.

How To Install Ezoic On WordPress

The best way to integrate your site to start monetizing with Ezoic is through Cloudflare or DNS name servers. It’s much faster, more secure, and ensures a reliable connection, along with access to other Ezoic tools and services. Meanwhile, Ezoic’s WordPress plugin is available, but it’s a lot slower when compared to cloud integration. You can refer to our getting started guide to learn more.

What Is Ezoic Ads

Ezoic’s ads utilize AI and machine learning to test and alter their layout on a page. As their machine learning understands more about your website’s audience and their behavior, it can automate the changing of those ads in regards to their placement, density, sizing, and type. It’s tailored for every visitor, too. For example, one visitor may see fewer ads or be shown differently to another visitor.

How Much Ezoic Pay

When we started out, the best of days would see our site earning $50 a day in ad revenue. But once we reinvested that into making more and improved content, we saw an increase in organic traffic. It led to our ad revenue from Ezoic skyrocketing over time, now peaking at $500 (sometimes $600+) in a single day. That’s 3x higher in a day with Ezoic than what AdSense earned us in an entire month.

What Does Ezoic Do

Ezoic is a premium ad network provider, which offers you the ability to embed and monetize through ads being displayed on your website. They’re like Google’s AdSense, in a way. But what makes Ezoic different from other ad providers is their use of AI and machine learning. By dynamically changing the way ads are shown to you, it promises better user engagement. Thus, higher ad revenue.

How To Setup Cloudflare With Ezoic

To integrate your site with Ezoic, we’d highly recommend Cloudflare. All you need to do is head into the Ezoic dashboard, and find that ‘Get Started Today’ banner. Click on ‘Integrate Your Site’, before clicking on ‘Activate Via Own Account’ under the Cloudflare option. Next, just type in your account details from Cloudflare, hit ‘Save’, and your site is now integrated with Ezoic’s ad network.

What Is Ezoic Revenue Share

Revenue Share is one of two payment options to pay for Ezoic’s ad network. With Revenue Share, Ezoic will take 10% of your ad revenue earned through their platform. However, publishers will still keep 100% of all ad revenue they earn by monetizing with other ad providers. For example, you’ll be able to keep all non-Ezoic ad revenue if you’re using their mediation tools for monetization.

What Are The Requirements To Use Ezoic

Back in the day, Ezoic had a minimum barrier of entry, as publishers need to accrue at least 10,000 monthly visits to qualify. These days, however, Ezoic has since unveiled its Access Now program. With this, smaller publishers with fewer than 10,000 monthly visits could still leverage Ezoic’s ads and have access to the same tools and services as larger sites do. Although, Ezoic does recommend that you have at least 1,000 monthly visits before signing up, for optimal results.

Why Don’t I See Ezoic Ads On My Site But Placeholders Are There

If your ads from Ezoic aren’t showing up properly, your first troubleshooting step would be to clear your browser cache. If that doesn’t work, double-check to make sure that your site’s integration is done properly, including all the DNS settings. Check that you’ve already turned on monetization, your ads.txt file is up to date, and that you’ve signed up to Google’s Ad Exchange.

Who Is Ezoic

Ezoic is one of the top premium ad network providers out there, with more than 10,000 publishers already signing up. They’ve proven that their AI-powered ad system (aided by machine learning) has worked brilliantly. Both in regards to boosting user engagement and clickthrough for ads, in addition to maximizing ad revenue for publishers. You can read our Ezoic review for a full breakdown.

How To Add Multiple Site To Ezoic

With Ezoic, you only need a single account, to which you can link multiple sites. This means that you could monetize, manage, and analyze every publication you own from a single dashboard. To add a new domain, click on the ‘Add A Site’ button on the top left-hand corner within the Ezoic dashboard. Now, fill in all the details to integrate your new domain, hit ‘Save’, and you’re good to go.

How Many Variables Do Advertisers Bid On Ezoic

Ezoic’s unique implementation of AI and machine learning ensures that its Ad Tester tool could test sometimes millions of variables for ad placeholders. Within moments, it could alter the placement, density, sizing, and type of ads displayed to find out which ones will perform the best for your site. Advertisers can bid on these, where Ezoic could show up to 100 ads on a single page.

How Does Ezoic Make Money

Ezoic charges for its services in one of two ways. The first is a subscription-based model where they keep 10% of ad revenue earned through Ezoic. Alternatively, you could pick their ‘ad supported’ tier, where Ezoic would earn revenue by placing a single ad on the bottom of your webpage. This would perpetually make money for Ezoic, while publishers will continue to earn handsomely from the rest.

How To Convert A Blogger Blog To Ezoic

Unfortunately, Ezoic’s ads can’t be monetized with publications that use Blogger or Blogspot. If you want to embed Ezoic’s ads and earn money through displaying them, you’ll have to transition over to WordPress or CMS. Once you’ve migrated your content there, you can sign up to Ezoic using our affiliate link here. Or, you could reference our getting started guide on how to set up Ezoic.

How To Integrate My Ezoic In Head HTML

If you already have an ad from AdSense in the header, you can ‘wrap’ that ad with Ezoic’s systems to monetize through them. Should you want to create new ad placeholders, Ezoic lets you extensively customize how ads appear. You can choose where your placeholders appear, how big they are, and so on. Once that’s saved, copy over the Ad Code (as per our getting started guide) into your site.

When Does Ezoic Makes Payment

Ezoic pays out your monthly total ad revenue after 30 days. For example, your final January 2022 ad revenue tally would be paid out by the end of February 2022. Usually, Ezoic’s payment would be scheduled between the 27th and 31st of the month. Just be mindful that Ezoic’s premium fee (if you are on the premium program) has to be paid upfront, at the start of the month. So, be sure to take this into account for your finances.

What Is Ezoic Leap

Ezoic’s clever Leap service is a web optimization tool. Once your site has been integrated into Ezoic, its Leap tool could analyze your site. From there, it’ll determine things that are slowing down your site’s load times. For example, having too many unnecessary scripts running in the background. It would recommend ways on speeding up your site or make site-wide performance improvements on the fly.

How To Put A Native Ad In Ezoic

Native ads are a great way to embed sponsored or editorial adverts on your page. Usually, it would show up on the bottom of a page and is estimated to increase your publication’s total ad revenues by 10%. To put a native ad, you can use Ezoic’s Ad Tester tool, and create an ad placeholder just for native ads. Then, go to your Ezoic dashboard’s ‘Monetisation’ tab, and turn ‘Native Ads’ on.

How Soon After Setting Up Mediation In Ezoic Should I See Revenue?

Mediation is a great tool where Ezoic can run its ads alongside other providers like AdSense. In real-time, Ezoic could swap out a placeholder showing its ads with those from AdSense, if Ezoic finds that Google could earn you more. Earnings from those mediated ads will appear in your AdSense account once it’s turned on. But, you’ll only earn through mediation if those ads earn more than Ezoic’s.

How Does Ezoic Work With AdSense

Ezoic is able to work alongside Google’s AdSense through its neat mediation tools. Here, Ezoic could run ads from Google on your site, if Ezoic finds that AdSense could earn you more money. This comes from the bidding process for those ads. On your website, you might find every once in a while where there’s an AdSense ad instead of Ezoic’s, as the mediation kicks in to help net you higher ad revenues.

When Can I Apply For Ezoic

You can apply for Ezoic anytime you want, so be sure to sign up using our affiliate link here. It goes a long way in supporting what we do here, so it’s much appreciated. If you’re a small publisher, you can sign up for Ezoic’s Access Now program, catering to sites with fewer than 10,000 monthly visits. Although, Ezoic does recommend that you have at least 1,000 monthly visits for the best results.

How Do I Clear My Cloudflare Cache Ezoic

Should you have technical difficulties with your site, you can try clearing out your cache. If you’re on Cloudflare, it’s worth trying to purge the cache on the Cloudflare dashboard. Clearing the cache on Ezoic’s side might impact your ad revenue momentarily, so be wary of it. In the future, make sure that your Cloudflare cache is set to ‘Standard’ to prevent it from conflicting with Ezoic’s cache.

How To Add A Domain On Ezoic

If you have another publication that you manage, you don’t need to create a whole new account for it on Ezoic. This allows you to monetize several sites at once from a single Ezoic account. Should you want to add another domain, log in to your Ezoic dashboard. Next up, look on the top left banner to find a ‘Add A Site’ button. Input your domain’s details, and hit ‘Save’ to add it to your Ezoic account.

How Much Can You Make With Ezoic

In the first few months after we migrated to Ezoic, our best days yielded $50 worth of ad revenue. But as we reinvested those profits into making new content, traffic into our domain skyrocketed. As organic traffic continued growing, we’re now earning $500 to $600+ each day in ad revenue. This is at least 3x higher ad revenue in a single day with Ezoic than AdSense across an entire month.

What Is Preview AI Placeholders Ezoic

One of Ezoic’s latest features and more rest add-on is their AI Placeholders tool. By turning it on, you essentially enable Ezoic’s AI to embed additional ad spots on your page. This might be used to cover those sections of your webpage that you forgot or didn’t think to add a placeholder into. This way, Ezoic’s AI Placeholders will better maximize ad placements, resulting in higher ad revenue for you.

Where To Change DNS In Ezoic

If you need to change any DNS-related settings, you’ll first need to log into your Ezoic dashboard. Now, head over to the ‘Settings’ tab, and scroll all the way down to ‘DNS Settings’. If you have to make edits to your existing DNS, click on that small pencil icon next to that DNS name. Update the details as you see fit, and click on ‘Edit DNS Record’ to save it once you’re done.

Where Do I Find The Google Codes I Need To Replace With Ezoic Code

If you’d like to replace or wrap existing AdSense ads with Ezoic’s, you’ll need to head over to (if you use WordPress) the ‘Appearance’ tab on the left-side menu bar. Then, head into ‘Widgets’, and locate the Custom HTML text. You can delete these Ad Codes if you’re starting afresh with Ezoic. Or, you can refer to our getting started guide to learn how to wrap existing AdSense ads with Ezoic. You might also find that you have added Adsense code into the header of your theme, take a look there also.

How Many Days For Ezoic To Start Reporting Traffic

Ezoic reports its analytics differently compared to other ad platforms like Google. With Ezoic, it’s not a matter of days before traffic data gets reported. Rather, it’s a question of hours, as Ezoic’s reports don’t usually update until at least midday at PST time for the previous day. For example, if you want to view traffic data on January 1st, you’ll need to wait until midday on January 2nd for it to update.

How Does Ezoic Change Your Blog

As far as the actual content goes, nothing. Ezoic doesn’t make changes to the actual content itself. Instead, Ezoic’s AI and machine learning computation would make alterations to how ads may show up. Once integrated with Ezoic, you can run an automated test where Ezoic would experiment with ad layouts on your blog. In short, the location, density, sizing, and type of ads that appear.

How Does Ezoic Pay

Once you’re ready to accept your ad revenue from Ezoic, you could then select your preferred option to receive that payment. Our personal recommendation would be to use Payoneer, as it’s the easiest and cheapest option available. Otherwise, Ezoic also supports payment channels through PayPal, an international wire transfer, or a direct deposit into your bank account (only for US residents).

Why Would I Change My Nameservers To Ezoic

Changing your domain’s name servers won’t affect your content whatsoever. However, it’s required to integrate with Ezoic, as changing it to a name server generated by Ezoic will allow it to become a proxy. This means that when a user loads up a page, data from your host passes through Ezoic first. This is how Ezoic’s ads are embedded onto your site, before finally beaming it to your users.

How To Add Publisher ID To Ads.txt Manager Ezoic

If you don’t have an ads.txt, you can create one with Ads.txt Manager (which is run by Ezoic). Let’s say you need to include a Publisher ID from AdSense. Find Google AdSense in the dashboard, and click on ‘Authorize’. Here, it’ll ask for an ‘ad network account ID’, which is your publisher ID. Find this in your AdSense settings page (it’s a 16-digit ID), and copy it into this section.

How Much Ezoic Pay For 1000 Views

With Ezoic, per-thousand metrics are calculated by ‘earnings per thousand visitors’, which measures site-wide traffic instead of a single page. This is a more accurate way of gauging how many visitors are ranking your site. When you’re just getting started, Ezoic usually pays out between $12 to $18 for every 1,000 visitors. But as you keep growing, it’s not impossible to earn upwards of $40.

Ezoic Layout Tester How Do I Start

If you’re already using its Ad Tester software for at least 12 weeks, you’re eligible to get started with Layout Tester. However, you need to contact your account manager first, as this feature has to be activated by Ezoic themselves. Once you’ve done that, their tech team will get to work testing with templates for your site. Best of all, this goes on without any impact or downtime on your site.

What Settings For Ezoic Site Speed

Ezoic LEAP is a very handy tool that adopts machine learning to optimize your site loading times and overall performance. It does this through a myriad of techniques, such as getting rid of unwanted scripts, tweaking the loading of images, and more. Nevertheless, to access Ezoic’s LEAP, you’ll need to make sure you have enabled the module.

Where To Place Ezoic Placeholders

When you’re creating new ad placeholders, a popular question would be where to put them. Ezoic themselves recommend that you create as many as possible. Specifically, one ad placeholder for all sections of your webpage – header, footer, side margins, between paragraphs, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made too many, as Ezoic’s AI would automatically reconfigure their placement optimally.

How To Use Ezoic With Your YouTube Channel

Unfortunately, YouTube won’t permit monetization with ad providers other than AdSense. However, Ezoic does offer a way for you to host content on its servers, outside of YouTube. Ezoic would also let you monetize those videos with their ads, just like YouTube. It’s a clever way to earn more money on your blogs, by hosting your videos on Ezoic. And, monetizing it through Ezoic, as well.

When Should I Send 100% Of My Traffic To Ezoic

One of Ezoic’s coolest features is its split-testing tool. Here, you could throttle your site’s traffic to monetize through different ad providers, one of them being Ezoic. For example, you could split it 50% to Ezoic, and the other 50% to another network. However, if you’re seeing that Ezoic has been earning you more compared to your other ad provider, it’s a good time to go 100% on Ezoic.

How To Use ATM Card On Ezoic

While Ezoic has numerous payment options, ATM cards are not one of them. At the very least, you’ll have to sign up with Payoneer and use their prepaid card. While withdrawing your earnings, select ‘Prepaid Card Via Payoneer’, and set a payment threshold. The minimum has to be $20. You’ll then be receiving your full month’s ad revenue between the 27th to 31st of the following month.

What Is EPMV Ezoic

EPMV is Ezoic’s preferred method for measuring site traffic and provides a clearer insight into how a site is doing compared to RPM or CPM. EPMV is also known as ‘earnings per thousand visitors’. Unlike the other two, EPMV is measured across your entire site rather than a page. Therefore, it ensures that you get the complete picture by gauging additional metrics such as bounce rate or pageviews.

How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Ezoic

If you need urgent help, head over to support.ezoic.com, and click on any article. Scroll all the way to the bottom of said article, and you’ll find the ‘Get In Touch’ button. This should prompt a live chat to come up during office hours, or a simple support ticket outside of office hours. As to what their office hours are, note that Ezoic has offices in the US (California), the UK, Germany, and Canada.

What Is Ezoic Premium

Once you’ve monetized your site long and well enough with Ezoic, you might be invited to join their Premium program. Here, you’ll have the chance to monetize your page with high-paying, premium advertisers from large and well-known brands. As time passes, it means that through their Premium program, you’ll be earning higher ad revenues for your site than before.

How To Setup Mediation Ezoic

Mediation is a great way to maximize your ad revenue by earning through Ezoic, on top of earnings from another ad provider. To set up their mediation tools, you need to log in to the Ezoic dashboard, and head to the Monetisation page. Find the ‘Mediation’ window, and click on ‘Enable Mediation’. Click on ‘AdSense Mediation’, and ‘Add Network’, and enter your AdSense details to begin mediation.

Ezoic How Long Does Site Integration Take

Site integration with Ezoic will vary significantly in the time it takes based on what you’re integrating with. Cloudflare-based integration is the easiest, most painless, and fastest. Integration through a name server DNS would take slightly longer. Estimates vary between a few hours up to 24 hours.

What Is The Max Amount Of Ezoic Ads you Should Have In A Post

Ezoic has the ability to add as many as 100 ads on a longer page. So, how many is too many? Well, if you scroll down to the ‘Max Ads Per Page’ setting in your Ezoic dashboard, you can configure it. For the most part, Ezoic will automate how many ads to show, and will always choose the most optimal density. Usually, around 10 to 15 ads per page, but Ezoic will never go beyond Google’s own policy.

What Ad Sizes For Ezoic Placeholders

When you’re setting up new placeholders, it’s a good idea to at least have one of each. This means one of each sizing option should be ticked and included on your webpage, varying between large, medium, or small placeholders. It won’t matter, as Ezoic’s AI will automate what sizes to actually show on your site, based on your preferences. This helps the AI to best optimize a good ad layout on a page. As Ezoic’s AI continues to learn, it’ll get better at tweaking what layout works best to net you higher ad revenues.

WordPress Ad Revenue – How To Make Money With WordPress?

If you’re interested in monetizing through WordPress, start by creating some content. It could be a blog or a news publication, or anything that could attract a following. Ultimately, it has to provide some value for your visitors. Give it some time, before your site starts to rank and gain traffic. As it continues to build, you can sign up to platforms like Ezoic to monetize your content with ads.

How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Website

To increase your ad earnings, the most fundamental aspect that you could change is how you write your content. Aim for long-form content and create it around a unique or aspiring subject to engage your audience. Over time, this will net you more traffic to your site. To maximize it further, opt for premium ad providers like Ezoic, to best optimize the ad layout on your site for higher earnings.

How To Increase Ad Revenue

Besides creating better content, you can try signing up for premium ad platforms like Ezoic. Using AI and machine learning, they can maximize the ad layout for our publication. It’ll continue fine-tuning how many ads to display, where they show up, what sizing should they be, or what type of ads get to appear. In doing so, it increases overall user engagement and interaction, leading to higher ad revenues.

How Much Ad Revenue Per View

If you want to understand how much ad revenue you’re earning for every view, you’ll first need to know your site’s EPMV. Or, ‘earnings per thousand visitors’. Tools like Ezoic provide in-depth data and analysis to determine your site’s EPMV. Let’s say the EPMV is $10. Simply take $10 and divide it by 1,000 (thousand) visitors. You can now see that you’re earning $0.01 for every view.

How Much Ad Revenue Do Normal Websites Make

It’s not easy to deduce how much most websites make in ad revenue, as there are a lot of factors in that calculation. You have to look at the type of content they make, not to mention the traffic that they’re generating. Then, you have to peer into what platforms they’re using to monetize with. With premium ad networks like Ezoic, you can be certain that they’re earning a lot through ads.

How Can I Research How Much A Competitors Site Makes In Ad Revenue

To learn how much ad revenue rival sites are earning, you can use sites like Similarweb. This would give you a rough idea of their traffic. You could then make an estimate as to how high or low their EPMV (earning per thousand visitors) is. Let’s say their EPMV is $40, and their site is getting 100,000 pageviews. Divide 100,000 by 1,000, multiply with $40, and you get a monthly ad revenue of $4,000.

How Much Ad Revenue Can A Website Generate

There’s never a limit or barrier as to how much a website can generate ad revenue. If you’re a small site, earning thousands of dollars is a good starting point. Larger publications could easily be netting millions in ad revenue. What matters is that you get more people coming into your site, and spend a valuable amount of time there. Over time, higher traffic will naturally lead to higher ad revenue.

How To Generate Ad Revenue

The only way to continually accrue higher ad earnings is by creating some unique content and then focusing on growing traffic. Meanwhile, make sure you’re signed up to ad providers such as Ezoic to try and maximize your monetization as much as possible. As profits start to trickle in, reinvest them into making even more content. Repeat this enough, and you’ll earn higher traffic and ad revenue.

How Much Ad Revenue Does A Website Make

It varies from one site to another, as it all depends on how much traffic they’re getting. Moreover, is that site monetized through premium ad providers like Ezoic, to maximize their earnings? When we switched over to Ezoic, our ad revenues gained more than 3.5x compared to AdSense in the month prior. These days, we’re earning 3x more every single day than an entire month with AdSense. On most days throughout a month, we could easily be earning at least $500 (or $600 at best) in ad revenue in a day. Back in September 2020, we earned just $177 for a whole month with AdSense.

How To Get Ad Revenue

If you want your content to start paying for itself, you can sign up to platforms like Ezoic, where you can begin monetizing your work. All you need to do is sign up to Ezoic, integrate your site with them, and embed ad placeholders on your website. Finally, agree to turn on monetization, and Ezoic would use its AI and machine learning processing to maximize your ad revenue with better ad layouts.

How To Make Money Off Ad Revenue

Once you have a website up and running, you first need to focus on creating unique content as well as building up a solid following. Continue generating good traffic, before jumping into ad platforms like Ezoic. Here, you can integrate your site with them, and embed ad placeholders. This would now start monetizing your content to generate ad revenue, based on your site’s overall traffic.

How To Get Ad Revenue On A Website

First off, you need to sign up to sites like Ezoic, where they can embed ads onto your site. With their AI and machine learning computation, they could automate the best placement, density, sizing, and type of ads to show on your page for maximal engagement. With greater interaction from visitors, it would net you higher ad revenue. You can then focus on creating content and building traffic. Try to reinvest as much as you can from your earnings, and put them to work with more high-quality content. In good time, this would yield improved traffic as more people are keen to enjoy it.

How Does Ad Revenue Work

Ad revenue works by displaying advertisement banners on your webpage. As more people stop by to visit your site, they’ll scroll past these ads, and might be tempted to interact with them. In doing so, the platform that supplies those ads rewards you with ad revenue. Ezoic is the best ad provider of the lot, as they could best tailor the placement, sizing, density, and type of ads to show for each user. With such personalization in mind, Ezoic aids in boosting user engagement and interaction.

What Is Ad Revenue

As a publisher, you earn ad revenue by displaying advertisements on your website. This includes the earnings you get through YouTube videos. This is how much of the internet functions, as web pages of every medium show ads on a page to earn ad revenue. It’s for this reason that you get to log on to a news site and get to read it for free. To gain higher ad earnings, Ezoic is the tool for you. They could optimize your site’s ad layout to help with maximizing ad revenues.

How Much Ad Revenue Per 1000 Views

Many ad platforms, especially Ezoic, will provide some data as to your site’s EPM. Or, earnings per thousand visitors. It gives you a good idea as to how much your site as a whole is earning for every 1,000 pageviews. This is a critical metric in measuring how much ad revenue you’ll be making. So, you’ll have to work hard at attracting traffic to your site to bump up your EPMV figures. This will gradually lead to higher ad revenues for your site as a whole.

How To Forecast Ad Revenue

You can try to forecast your site’s ad revenue for the future by understanding your site’s EPMV. Or, earnings per thousand visitors, on top of pageview figures. Let’s say your EPMV is $20, and there’s good reason to guess that your site’s traffic will increase to 100,000 pageviews. Your forecast adds up to $2,000. As you adjust your site’s would-be EPMV or traffic, multiply them accordingly.

How To Calculate Ad Revenue

Most ad providers, such as Ezoic, usually show you their estimate of how much you could earn in ad revenue by the end of the month. These are usually forecasts, based on past data. If you want to try and calculate ad revenue, multiply your site’s EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) with pageviews. For example, a $20 EPMV with 200,000 pageviews sees you earning $4,000 for ad revenue.

Why Is Ad Revenue Low In January

Ad revenue across the board always bottoms out in January, before steadily rising again throughout the first quarter of the year. In stark contrast, ad revenues peak by the end of the previous year. This is the case as advertisers spend big to show off their goods for Christmas and the holiday season. Ad spending is exhausted by January, leading to lower demand and bidding for ad spots and thus, lower ad revenue.

Ad Revenue Went Down Why

Almost every website typically sees plummeting ad revenues by January, and in the first quarter. It’s quite normal, as the big advertisers don’t spend much on ads during this time of the year. If your site is earning decreasing ad revenue otherwise, they could be several reasons. Maybe, traffic leading to your site is seasonal. Or, there might’ve been a site outage, or search engine algorithm update. All in all, with less traffic being directed to your site, you’ll experience lower ad revenue.

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