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Ezoic Vs PropellerAds

by Paul
Ezoic Vs PropellerAds

Optimizing ad revenues is often a lot more tedious than it might seem. In the back-end, you’d have to spend valuable time tweaking the ad layout, fine-tuning the monetization settings, as well as other laborious processes. This is all for the sake of getting your ads to work optimally. Wouldn’t it be nice then to have it optimize itself? Well, Ezoic vs PropellerAds aims to fix that.

Good ad placement is crucial for any publisher. Display too few ads, and you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table and miss out on ad revenues. But put too many ads to compensate for that, and it might be off-putting for your audience. I mean, who’d scroll past umpteen different ads and not find it a bit overwhelming? Thankfully, technology is here to make this much easier.

With Ezoic, they’ve leveraged AI and machine learning to dynamically tweak the ad layout on your site. Plus, to both optimize and tailor the experience for each user. PropellerAds adopts a similar approach by using AI, and their clever data science models to best optimize the ads, as well. But whose technology is more effective with monetization, Ezoic vs PropellerAds?

What Is Ezoic?

With that in mind, let’s begin by discussing the former in Ezoic vs PropellerAds. Ezoic is one of the world’s leading premium ad networks and has partnered with over 10,000 publishers. The reason why so many have entrusted their site’s monetization with Ezoic is owed to their neat machine learning computation and AI. Both work in tandem to understand your users.

In doing so, Ezoic would learn how to best calibrate the ad layout for a seamless experience. This entails altering where ads appear, how they’d show up, how many of them to display, or what type of ads are used. It applies to each person too, ensuring that they get a personable and un-intrusive interface. While at the same time, helping to boost user engagement.

Header Bidding Mediation With Ezoic

Ezoic has other upsides besides those, too…

  • Uses machine learning to figure out the best ad layout for your audience. With that, Ezoic can change the placement, density, sizing, and type of ads to gain better interactions.
  • Automated ad management, as you wouldn’t have to spend too much time tinkering with the settings. Once you’ve set Ezoic up, its computation will optimize the ads in the background.
  • Plenty of add-on services for publishers, aside from display advertising. You can get tools that could help out with optimizing on-page SEO, speeding up your page loading times, and more.
  • Connects you with a wide pool of premium advertisers. Alongside their programmatic header bidding options, this opens up more avenues for publishers to earn higher ad revenues.
  • Has in-depth analytics that publishers can use to study their site’s performance. It’s far more extensive than rival networks, with all possible metrics such as traffic, revenues, and more.

What Is PropellerAds?

Moving on, how about the other contender in Ezoic vs PropellerAds? While smaller than Ezoic, PropellerAds is nonetheless one of the largest ad providers today. Their ads have gained more than 1-billion monthly impressions. Such effective click-throughs are attributed to their unique solutions for automated and AI-powered ad layout optimization. Just like Ezoic, in some ways.

It’s pretty smart, with features such as rule-based traffic optimizations and auto-bidding that effectively connects you with competing advertisers. This is then combined with its targeting tools, allowing PropellerAds to understand what your audience would like to see. And, what they don’t. Ultimately, this won’t just help with the user experience, but also your earnings.

PropellerAds has numerous other benefits, such as…

  • Automated ad optimization, using their bespoke AI algorithms. They’d re-calibrate the layout of ads on your website to best balance out the user experience and effective monetization.
  • Offers publishers an array of high-performing ad formats to pick from. These could include ads like push notification-style adverts, pop-under ads, smart links, or intermission-style ads.
  • Is easy to be onboarded and get started by, using a highly simplistic ad unit creation tool. It allows publishers to easily get approved with PropellerAds and be linked up in a pinch.
  • Bypasses ad-blocking software, yet still remains un-intrusive for users. This could help to boost your ad revenues by around 20%, while also keeping those ads contextually relevant.
  • Provides an ad fraud prevention service, which could detect fake conversions and malicious bot impressions, among others. This would be beneficial for both advertisers and publishers.

What Are The Key Differences Between Ezoic Vs PropellerAds?

Now that we’ve introduced you to Ezoic vs PropellerAds, it’s time to look at the differences…

Minimum Requirements

Both Ezoic vs PropellerAds make monetization very accessible for smaller publishers. Ezoic has its Access Now program, which welcomes publishers that have fewer than 10,000 monthly pageviews. PropellerAds, meanwhile, doesn’t have a minimum traffic requirement at all. This means that, with either provider, you could easily qualify for monetization on their networks.

Regional Traffic

Another boon for Ezoic vs PropellerAds is that you’re not locked to a select few regions. For the publishers that are based overseas or have international audiences, Ezoic and PropellerAds will have no issues with monetization. They could both support publishers that create content in a variety of languages, too. It’s unlike some providers that’ll only support certain countries.

Ezoic How To Create New Ad Placeholders

Approval Time

Compared to most ad providers, Ezoic is pretty fast when you’re looking to get approved. You could be looking at 1 to 3 days at the most to be approved for monetization on their network. However, PropellerAds is even faster still. Once you’ve signed up, your site could be approved for monetization in under 24 hours. Sometimes, it’ll take mere minutes to get started.

Ad Revenues

Comparing Ezoic vs PropellerAds, it’s quite clear that Ezoic beats PropellerAds in every regard when it comes to ad revenues. In some cases, you could be earning 10x more with Ezoic than PropellerAds. This is partly thanks to the effectiveness of the ad optimization strategy, which Ezoic handles a bit better. And, Ezoic also has access to premium and high-paying ads.

Ad Formats

Ezoic is a tad conventional when it comes to what type of ad units they have. These are mainly display ads, native ads, anchor ads, and so on. Although, they do have incredibly lucrative and high-paying header bidding. Meanwhile, PropellerAds has more interactive ad units like pop-under ads, push notification-style ads, intermission style-ads, smart links, and so on.

AdSense Compatibility

If you want to earn more besides Ezoic vs PropellerAds, both providers could work effortlessly with Google’s AdSense. Ezoic’s solution is called AdSense Mediation. In short, Ezoic will study the bidding data in real-time. So, if AdSense could pay you more, it’ll then show Google’s ads, instead. PropellerAds has a similar solution with AdSense to optimize your returns, too.

Data Analytics

Both Ezoic vs PropellerAds provide publishers with extensive data reporting tools where you’d be able to analyze your site’s performance. Between them, Ezoic is more extensive and has a bit more depth to the metrics on your site. However, PropellerAds provides reporting in real-time (barring the timezone differences), rather than waiting for the next day like Ezoic.

Payment Options

If you’re ready to withdraw your ad revenues, you’ll get them a lot faster through PropellerAds. They offer automated weekly payouts of ad revenues, with a minimum limit of just $5. And, ad revenues could be withdrawn with various payment channels such as Payoneer, and PayPal, among others. On the other hand, Ezoic will pay your total monthly ad revenues 30-days later.

Ezoic Pageviews

Who’s A Better Ad Provider, Ezoic Vs PropellerAds?

So far, we’ve looked pretty closely at either Ezoic vs PropellerAds. Now, it comes down to which one is the ad provider that we’d wholeheartedly recommend. From our point of view, Ezoic can take our money any day of the week. After all, the most important factor about monetization is the ad revenue that you get out of it. Comparatively, PropellerAds pays very little in return.

Ezoic even has an ad revenue guarantee, too. Here, they’ll promise that you’d earn at least 25% more than competing networks after 30 days. If not, they’ll pay the difference (plus 25% more on top of that). In practice, Ezoic out-earns PropellerAds across the board, which goes to show the effectiveness of their automated ad optimization. Though, the former wins in some ways.

For instance, PropellerAds is much easier to sign up for, get approved, and set up your site. A lot of publishers could easily have their sites monetize with PropellerAds in under a day. This is made all the more appealing given their NET 7-day payment schedule. All in all, this makes PropellerAds very suitable for smaller publishers that need to get started in a hurry.

But when you consider that Ezoic earns you so much more, is it really worth it? This is especially so once you’ve given its AI and machine learning more time to get acquainted. Once it’s run-in, you could be netting even higher ad revenues once the weeks tick by. As a whole, Ezoic is a superior ad provider compared to PropellerAds, though the latter certainly is interesting.

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