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Ezoic Vs Adsterra

by Paul
Ezoic Vs Adsterra

If you want to monetize your website or blog by displaying ads, then you surely must’ve looked at comparing Ezoic vs Adsterra at some point. They’re respectively among the top ad providers out there, helping thousands of publishers to maximize their ad revenues. Additionally, they’ve offered publishers a variety of tools to optimize their sites’ performance and user experience.

With that being said, which of the two, Ezoic vs Adsterra, would be the most suitable partner for monetizing your website? With such heated competition, you can find compelling reasons to go with either one, frankly. However, it’s equally as consequential to properly analyze them and pick out the right ad provider to catalyze your site’s organic growth and evolution.

Holistic choices aside, there are other, more practical justifications to choose either one. Who’d earn you more, Ezoic vs Adsterra? Would you rather have Ezoic’s AI and machine learning that could automate optimizing the most ideal ad layouts in the background? Or, perhaps you want the hands-free and tailored approach by Adsterra, instead? Well, let’s take a closer look…

What Is Ezoic?

To get the ball rolling, let’s study the former contended in Ezoic vs Adsterra. Ezoic is one of the foremost premium ad providers out there. They stand out owing to their unique ideas when it comes to monetization and optimizing ad layouts. Competing ad providers often rely on data science, in-depth analytics, and entire teams of people designing the best ad layout for you.

This isn’t the case with Ezoic, as they instead adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning to calibrate how ads appear on your site. As your site accrues traffic, Ezoic’s AI will learn from the behavior of each visitor. Thus, understanding what sort of ad layout might attract them the most, and building around that. Better still, Ezoic does this with every site visitor, too.

Ezoic Vs Adsterra

Automatically, Ezoic’s computation would alter the placement, density, sizing, and type of ads that appear to best induce interactions and impressions from your audience. Thus, leading to publishers earning typically higher ad revenues compared to rival solutions. Yet, Ezoic would still be able to cater to the layout and appearance of ads to boost the user experience, as well.

Ezoic’s Key Features

Here are a few noteworthy benefits of opting for Ezoic’s premium ads network…

  • They’re able to maximize the number of ads that show up on a page, but at the same time, be able to balance it with a good user experience.
  • Provide higher clickthrough rates by understanding the right ad layout for each visitor. Hence, making them feel more personalized, without compromising privacy.
  • You won’t have to worry about having to manage those ads, as many of it is automated by AI and machine learning algorithms. In time, they’ll continually tweak the ad layout.
  • Ezoic offers a plethora of extra tools and services for publishers when they sign up. You could host videos, optimize a page’s SEO, monetize through mediation, and more.

What Is Adsterra?

So, what about our other option in Ezoic vs Adsterra? With more than 18,000 other publishers on board, Adsterra has become one of the largest ad providers today. Though they have some clever tech like automating the integration of ads onto your website, Adsterra’s specialty is in how they source and link those ads in the first place. To put it simply, they’re quite savvy.

They have more than 20,000 advertising campaigns running at any one time. Plus, they feature a wide network of social media marketers and affiliate marketing outlets thrown into the mix. This gives publishers like you and me untapped access to a large pool of advertisers, keen on promoting their goods on your website. This alone is a significant boost for ad revenues.

On top of the numerous revenues streams that you get as a publisher, Adsterra has developed some pretty useful solutions to ensure that you’ll always earn high ad revenues. These include a 100% fill rate for ad spots on your site. Furthermore, they offer publishers a bountiful picking of interactive and distinct ad placeholders, optimized for either web or mobile browsers.

Adsterra’s Key Features

Here are some highlights of the upsides you get when choosing Adsterra’s ad network…

  • Their Partner Care program ensures top-notch customer service, by aiding publishers with any issues they might have. This also includes providing insights into optimizing their ad layouts.
  • A wide array of ad formats are available, from banners to push notification-style ads and pop-ups. Some of these formats, such as their colorful social bars, could earn you higher CPMs.
  • An Anti-AdBlock solution is available to further optimize the ad layouts to gain their attention. In turn, this leads to publishers earning roughly 20% more in ad revenues.
  • You can approach Adsterra pretty easily, as their moderation team could approve your site for monetization in as little as 10 minutes. And, with flexible pricing and payments, as well.

What Differentiates Between Ezoic Vs Adsterra?

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves to Ezoic vs Adsterra, how else do they differ? While they both promise to earn you higher ad revenues, their functionality is indeed quite distinct…

Approval Time

If you need to get your site’s monetization up and running quickly, Adsterra is known to approve new sites in as little as just 10 minutes. Otherwise, it may take up to 3 hours for some others. Ezoic, however, may require as long as 1 to 3 days for approval.

Ezoic Vs Adsterra

Setup And Integration

Ezoic is generally a bit harder to get started on. During the integration process for your site alone, there are numerous hurdles to skip across. By comparison, Adsterra makes this whole process much easier, by making the set-up as seamless as possible.

Minimum Requirements

Both Ezoic vs Adsterra have no minimum traffic requirements. Ezoic’s Access Now program is catered to publishers with fewer than 10,000 monthly pageviews. With Adsterra, certain ad formats might not be accessible until you hit a certain traffic milestone.

Ad Formats

It’s safe to say that both Ezoic and Adsterra have distinct varieties when it comes to the type of ads that appear. For instance, Ezoic has anchor ads that show at the bottom of your webpage. Meanwhile, Adsterra has its colorful “pop-under” ads and social bars.

Advertising Model

Even compared to Ezoic’s already-relaxed advertising requirements, this is plenty versatile on Adsterra. Your content could be just about anything. And, you can even put Adsterra’s ads on social media pages or in messaging groups, which Ezoic can’t do.

Ezoic Vs Adsterra

In-Depth Analytics

With Ezoic, publishers get access to their extensive analytics dashboard. Here, you’ll find every metric possible to analyze your earnings, traffic, and more. Adsterra is a tad more barebones, with more basic metrics and analysis data made available.

Traffic Data

Ezoic gauges traffic (and thus, estimates ad revenues) using EPMV and CPM. On the other hand, Adsterra is far more exhaustive. Some of the metrics they use to calculate ad revenues include CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, and CPI, offering more flexibility for publishers.

Payment Options

If you prefer more unorthodox methods of withdrawing your ad revenues, Adsterra certainly has more options. Conventional selections such as PayPal or wire transfers are available. Besides that, you could even withdraw with cryptos, such as Bitcoin or Tether.

Payment Timeframe

Should you be eager to get your ad revenues in as soon as possible, the payment window is much shorter on Adsterra. They pay publishers twice a month, during the beginning and middle of a month. In contrast, Ezoic will pay you once after 30 days.

Which Is The Better Ad Network, Ezoic Vs Adsterra?

As we’ve reviewed thus far, Ezoic vs Adsterra is definitely a very contrasting selection for all you publishers out there. They have their distinct focal points, such as Ezoic’s attention to detail for its AI and machine learning processing, and various other techy bits and bobs. Adsterra lacks a bit in terms of clever tech, but their savvy marketing skills may still win out at the end of the day.

So, who’d we pick? It’s hard to say, but our bet will be on Ezoic, that’s for sure. Publishers get a wide array of services and tools, besides their intelligent and automated ad layout optimizer. This allows publishers like you and me to see Ezoic as a one-stop-shop for everything you need. Yet, we’d still be earning high ad revenues hand over fist, and with a very well-optimized site UX.

On the other hand, we have to give props to the colorful and interactive ads powered by their rivals over at Adsterra. Depending on your audience or niche, this touch of playfulness may be preferable. Plus, Adsterra is somewhat more flexible, with pricing, payment options, and requirements that could be versatile enough for even tinier publishers that are just getting started.

If what you care about is maximizing your ad revenues and optimizing the user experience that elevates your site to a whole new level, Ezoic would be your best bet. Although, Adsterra has a lot of distinct characteristics that put it in a league of its own, too. It’s especially so if you value social media and affiliate marketing. Either way, Ezoic vs Adsterra are pretty good options.

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