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$12,087 – February 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
February 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

The 17th month has come and gone following our switch to using Ezoic’s premium ad network, as we embarked on a case study to see how much more they could earn you over AdSense. So far, it’s been working out pretty well for us. As a reminder, if you haven’t been following along our journey, our last month with AdSense was back in September 2020. At the time, we earned just $177 with their ads.

But instantly, as we adopted Ezoic’s system instead, it shot up to $606 by October, and then into the four-figure mark for the first time in February, with $1,032. We brought in gradually higher returns in the following months, with ad revenues jumping massively in June 2021 to $5,636. From there, they kept getting larger, to $6,957 in September, $7,120 in October, and another $8,779 in November.

February 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

We breached into the five-figure mark in December with $11,799, and again in January 2022, making $11,663. Seeing that it’s now February, how have our returns played out, given that it’s a much shorter month? In short, pretty well, actually. Our February 2022 ad revenues are sitting at around $12,087. Although, bear in mind that this doesn’t include ads earned through Ezoic’s neat mediation tools.

They’ve allowed us to earn through Ezoic’s ads, on top of ads from Google’s AdSense simultaneously. Looking at traffic into our case study domain, it’s generally similar to January 2022, with a slight gain in most aspects. We’ve documented over 341,000 visits, with around 391,000 pageviews. Of that, over 240,000 of them are ‘engaged’ pageviews of folks spending a decent amount of time on our site.

Key Figures

Consequently, our site’s ePMV (earnings per thousand visitors) is a tiny bit higher, at $35.44. Crucially, we then have to analyze daily ad returns. Throughout February, there had been more days where we would make more than $400 each day. At its peak, we netted over $522 in a single 24-hour span, and that’s impressive given where we’ve come from in the past few months. Overall, I’m pretty happy.

All of this is despite the fact that the first quarter of the year is often the worst part of the year as far as ad revenues are concerned. Therefore, there’s plenty of optimism going forward. Our growth has been spring-boarded by reinvesting a large portion of these profits into new content. Essentially, our work has mainly been around long-form, SEO-focused content with significant keyword targeting. We will create a guide around this soon.

February 2022 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $12,087
Traffic Visits 341,089
Pageviews 391,128
Engaged Pageviews 240,440
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $35.44

As we continue to let them rank for at least 6 months, we hope that’ll continue to attract more traffic organically to the site. Thus far, we’ve proven time and time again that you’ll be earning far more in ads with Ezoic compared to AdSense. So much so, that it’s certainly worth taking a look at if you’re already subscribed to other premium ad networks like AdThrive and Mediavine given the results.

Ezoic themselves have a guarantee in place where they promise that you’d be earning at least 25% more in ad revenues… Or, they’ll pay the difference. If you’re still unsure about moving to Ezoic, they feature a fantastic throttling feature where you could still have a portion of your site monetized with another provider whilst you are testing Ezoic’s performance. In all, there are fewer reasons why you shouldn’t be switching over to Ezoic.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

This applies to whether you’re a smaller webpage with a few thousand visits or a large publication with millions of pageviews. Plus, Ezoic has an abundance of other tools and services to help manage your website, such as speed optimization or even video hosting. Should you be interested in moving over, head over to our questions page or leave a comment in the video below to have a chat with us…

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