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Ezoic Vs RebelMouse

by Paul
Ezoic Vs RebelMouse

A quick and easy way to earn more money from your website is by embedding ads. But do you know that putting too many ads is bad for you? Too many ads slow down page load times, as this effectively contributes to a lower Core Webs Vital score. Subsequently, it potentially ranks your site lower in search results. That’s why choosing between Ezoic vs RebelMouse is crucial.

The right ad provider should optimally provide publishers with the ability to find and apply the perfect balance of ad revenues and user experience. In other words, being able to maximize a page’s ad placement as much as possible to yield higher ad revenues. Yet, without going a bit too far overboard, that you would see adverts plastered on every square inch of a webpage.

With Ezoic, they adopt the most recent advancements in AI and machine learning to alter the ad layout on your website on the fly. Hence, dynamically changing how, what, and where ads appear to boost user engagement. Meanwhile, RebelMouse has clever optimization tools that can help even ad-heavy sites load faster. So, here’s how Ezoic vs RebelMouse compares…

What Is Ezoic?

First off, let’s study the former in Ezoic vs RebelMouse. As we speak, Ezoic is a top premium ad provider, with more than 10,000 publishers aboard their network. What sets them apart is the extensive implementation of AI and machine learning within their ad solutions. As time passes, these algorithms and computations will gradually learn how folks interact with your website.

With all that data in mind, it would tweak the ad layout dynamically. As such, altering how an ad would appear, where they’d show up, how many to display, and what type of ads to come up. In doing so, Ezoic’s intelligent processing could find that perfect balance between maximal ad revenues and a good user experience. And, boosting your audience’s engagement.

Ezoic Leap Speed Optimisations

Besides that, Ezoic has other specialties, such as…

  • Automated ad management, where you won’t have to spend valuable time re-tweaking all its settings. Just set it once, and Ezoic’s computation would automatically optimize the ads.
  • Adopts machine learning to understand which ad layout works best, and which ones don’t. As such, it could, for example, show fewer or more ads on a page, and change their placement.
  • Allows publishers a lot of granular control over how ads appear on a page. You can customize the ad placeholders, as well as configure Ezoic to optimize for ad revenues or a better UX.
  • Offers publishers many other tools besides display advertising. You have services that let you host videos, optimize on-page SEO, or their web optimizer tool to speed up load times.
  • Has an in-depth analytics dashboard where publishers can access every metric imaginable. It could show you an extensive breakdown of data for traffic, revenues, and much more.

What Is RebelMouse?

So, what about that other side of Ezoic vs RebelMouse? Well, RebelMouse is definitely one of the largest ad providers out there, attracting more than 550-million monthly pageviews. Just like Ezoic, RebelMouse has a tech-savvy approach to display advertising, but they’re focused more on speed. In particular, looking at how to ads without slowing a site down.

RebelMouse’s focus on upping your site’s Core Web Vitals score means that on average, sites could load faster with their ads than competing solutions. Faster page load speeds entail far better SEO ranking. Besides that, RebelMouse has other tools that can help to optimize your site for an enhanced user experience. While also, helping to maximize your ad revenues.

There are other benefits to RebelMouse, such as…

  • Offers tech that could maximize site performance and user experience. Their data-driven tools have earned publishers more traffic and ad revenues owing to speed improvements.
  • Provides tools where you can conduct A/B testing to find out which ad and site layout works best with your users. Thus, providing key insights into how you can keep them engaged.
  • Its Particle Assembler and Accelerator allow publishers to embed more social interactions in their blogs or posts. This way, you can share your content more effectively with others.
  • Social integration features and SEO tools provide publishers the ability to create buzz around their content. As such, giving your website and content more reach to build an audience.
  • Has an extensive analytics dashboard that highlights actionable insights that publishers could act on. These include data on site traffic, bounce rates, earnings, page speeds, and more.

What Are The Key Differences Between Ezoic Vs RebelMouse?

Now that we’ve introduced you to Ezoic vs RebelMouse, here’s how they each differ…

Pricing And Fees

Ezoic vs RebelMouse differs in how they’ll charge you for their services. Ezoic has a simple and straightforward revenue-sharing model. With this, Ezoic will take a 10% cut of all ad revenues that were monetized through Ezoic. RebelMouse is more conventional, with subscription tiers that feature variable pricing. The most basic package currently starts at $5,000 per month.

Setup And Integration

If you’re not a technically-minded publisher, Ezoic vs RebelMouse makes linking up a site with their servers pretty easy. With RebelMouse, they have a team that’ll help out with exporting data to their end for monetization. Meanwhile, Ezoic’s cloud or nameserver integrations are relatively easy. Plus, Ezoic also grants you better control and configurability over the ads.

Page Loading Speeds

Given that it’s their USP, RebelMouse generally has faster page loading speeds compared to most other ad providers. Even with the maximum number of ads, whole pages load up very quickly. However, Ezoic’s tech is still able to match RebelMouse. While slightly slower in the default settings, playing around with the Leap optimization tool gets you on the same level.

Ad Revenues

If you’re after the ad provider that pays out the most, Ezoic vs RebelMouse has much to offer. Generally speaking though, Ezoic slightly outperforms RebelMouse in regards to ad earnings. This is partly thanks to their AI and machine learning algorithms. While it can be rather slow before the machine learning kicks in, you’ll earn more once Ezoic continually tweaks the ads.

Ad Layout And Formatting

Ezoic vs RebelMouse also differs in the ad layouts that they provide. Ezoic is more traditional, with old-school formats such as display ads, native ads, anchor ads, and more. RebelMouse’s ad formats also mirror these, but their focus tends to be more around the social aspect. That said, they have social media-style feeds as ad spots, but both are pretty customizable.

Social Integration

While Ezoic’s social media networking and integrations are fairly limited, RebelMouse makes this a staple for publishers. With RebelMouse, you can best manage social media campaigns, as well as display interactions on a feed. As we’ve highlighted earlier, they also have tools that could bring more conversations and chatter around your content and share them.

Add-On Services

Both Ezoic Vs RebelMouse offer publishers a variety of add-on tools and additional solutions. With Ezoic, we’ve highlighted earlier how they offer video hosting, SEO optimizations, as well as their Leap web optimizer. RebelMouse, on the other hand, has its own tools, such as its workflow and editor solutions. In addition, there are their social interactions and integration.

Data Analytics

If you need to analyze your website even further, Ezoic vs RebelMouse both offers exhaustive details with their big data analytics. At their core, you can divide data into traffic or revenue, but Ezoic and RebelMouse allow you to dive deeper. For example, you could see site loading times, what gender or age your audience is, or what devices they were using to browse.

Earnings Per Thousand Visitors

Who’s The Best, Ezoic Vs RebelMouse?

Well then, we’ve since looked at comparing Ezoic vs RebelMouse. With all that in mind, who’s the better ad provider for your website? If all you’re worried about is the user experience, the folks over at Ezoic and RebelMouse have that covered. Their ads, no matter how many you’ve displayed on your site, are designed to be fast and lightweight. Yet, they’d still earn you pretty nicely.

However, we’ve found that Ezoic tends to out-earn RebelMouse when it comes to ad revenues. So much so, that Ezoic even has a 25% ad revenue guarantee program. With this, they promise that you’ll earn at least 25% more than their rivals within 30 days. Otherwise, they’ll cover that difference (and 25% more on top of that)! Still, RebelMouse makes up for this in other ways.

Their focus on social interactions could be a boon if your publication regularly conducts many social media campaigns. With all that chatter and buzz around your site, it’s a clever idea that could help to build an audience. Elsewhere, Ezoic vs RebelMouse trades blows in other aspects, too. If you like to customize your site’s layout and design, RebelMouse might be better.

Nevertheless, Ezoic’s automated ad management through their AI and machine learning means that you won’t have to fiddle around with it too much. They both offer a bucket load of tools or services that could be valuable in optimizing your site. Plus, you’ll get extensive analytics when data and insights are needed. In our case, ad revenue is king, hence why we’d stick with Ezoic.

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