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$17,609 – July 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
July 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

We’re midway through summer, and 22 months into monetizing our case study domain with Ezoic. If you’re curious, do click on that handy Revenue Reports tab up top. There, you’ll find month-by-month reports on how our ad earnings have been, going back to October 2020. But just to keep things short, July 2022 revenues are in. And… We’ve netted a total of $17,609 across the entire month, marking a bit of a drop.

To compare against the earlier months… June gained us $19,199, while May earned us $18,637, and April saw us raking in $17,585. As you can see, we barely pipped by April 2022’s earnings. Breaking it down even further, and as you might be familiar with already, that aforementioned $17,609 was split between numerous sources. Roughly $12,451 of which came from Ezoic’s own monetization network.

Meanwhile, another $3,458 came from Ezoic’s premium ad partners. To clarify, we’re part of Ezoic’s Premium program. In essence, this means that high-paying, A-tier advertisers are more likely to put ads on our case study domain. This undoubtedly yields more per ad than standard advertisers. For reference, our current Ezoic premium fees are $2,000 a month, but that fee helped us earn an additional $3,457.58

On top of that, we’ve also turned on Ezoic’s ad mediation while monetizing our case study domain. This neat feature basically allows Ezoic to embed ads from other sources, like Google’s AdSense, into its own ad placeholders on your website. It’s a great way to optimize your earnings on Ezoic, as their own ads might not yield as much. By analyzing bidding data, Ezoic could then swap out their ads for those from Google, if they think it’ll earn you more. Through mediation, we earned another $1,707.

Key Figures

July 2022 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $17,609.40
Traffic Visits 488,689
Pageviews 604,283
Engaged Pageviews 326,642
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $36.03

With that in mind, how can we explain the roughly 8% drop in ad revenues between June and July of 2022? While $17,609 isn’t anything to scoff at, it’s the first somewhat major drop in ad earnings that we’ve experienced in our case study domain. Yet, this is going on despite the fact that our case study domain is also seeing record traffic, with huge gains across the board compared to previous months.

Specifically, we’ve noted over 488,000 visits and more than 604,000 pageviews. Of which, Ezoic finds that over 326,000 of those pageviews are classified as engaged audiences. These are all higher than previous months – our best one yet, as far as traffic goes. What will explain the drop in ad revenues is when you look at July 2022’s EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors), which cratered significantly.

This EPMV measures the monetization average across 1,000 page visits and it’s a key datapoint when you’re tabulating ad revenues. For July 2022, our EPMV is around $36.00. That’s a decrease of around 14% when you compare it with June. In fact, in most months leading back into 2021, we regularly see EPMVs in the high-$30s or low-$40s. As we’ve learned, it’s not just us, others are affected, too.

According to Ezoic’s own ad revenue index, July 2022 recorded lower ad revenues compared to most other periods across 12 months. This is actually worse than January, which is historically regarded as the worst possible month for monetization rates. And, it’s not just Ezoic, either. It looks like it’s a bad month for the rest of the ad industry, as every other ad network provider is also seeing loads of red.

Studying Some Data

In short, don’t let these big drops discourage you. We’ve invested most of our ad revenues into more content for the case study domain. In the end, the higher inflow of traffic proves that it’s working. It’s just that we got caught in what is a general industry trend at the moment, which pared back our ad revenues quite a bit. It’s a bit sad to see our gains dropping despite all the hard work we’ve put in.

Still, it’s something that’ll (hopefully) blow over in the coming months. So, for all our fellow publishers out there who are also seeing slumps across July, keep working hard, and we’ll soon get through this together. With that in mind, and unlike our typical monthly ad revenue report, as usual, we thought of showcasing more data this time around. Including, some of the analytics that you’ve not seen before.

One of the data points in question is the number of ads that we have running on our case study site. If you’ve used Ezoic before or have read some of our studies, reviews, and impressions of it, then you may be familiar with how Ezoic works. Essentially, it uses a combination of AI and machine learning to automatically injects ads onto your site. And, would continue to dynamically alter those ads.

Ad Optimizations / Ad Units / Ad Placeholders

It’ll change the placement, volume, sizing, and the type of ads shown to best capture the end-users and audience’s attention. Thus, allowing you to earn as much as possible. From the data you see here, you might spot that the majority of our case study domain’s earnings were accrued from pages that have between 8 to 15 ads running at a time. The rough average across all pages would be around 9.

Another piece of data that we’ve not yet shared as extensive is where those ads are sourced from. As you could see here, the majority of the ads shown on our case study site are sourced from Google’s own Ad Exchange. Although, quite a few come from Ezoic’s mediation tools, which are then followed closely in volume by exchange bidding. Speaking of, we also have data on those ad placements.

As we mentioned earlier, Ezoic cleverly chooses where ads appear on a page automatically. This is based on what its AI and machine learning algorithms have analyzed. It’ll then inform the locations on a page where most people are more likely to spot the ads and click on them. With our case study domain, it looks like the majority of revenues come from ads that float on the bottom of the page.

They’re labelled “bottom-floating” ads, which stick on the bottom of your screen while you’re scrolling around. This is then followed by ads appearing underneath the main title of the page. Alongside this, there are those ads that appear under the first and second paragraphs. And, ads that show up right in the middle of a page. It’s good to study these and learn how you can tweak Ezoic to maximize it.

Video Overview

If you’re keen on joining Ezoic based on our positive experiences, then consider partaking in their ad revenue guarantee program. Here, if you can’t earn 25% more than their rivals within 30 days, Ezoic would pay the difference (including 25% more on top of that!). But before you hop onto Ezoic, we’ve written countless other guides on how you can best adopt Ezoic, keyword research, as well as SEO (search engine optimization).

Browse around our site to learn more about how to best set up your website to maximize earnings. We also have other articles on leveraging various web sources or further fine-tuning and optimizing Ezoic, among many others. In addition, do check out this video down below to get an in-depth look into our July 2022 ad revenues. It’s just as we’ve explained to you earlier, but with greater detail…

Content Production

Throughout July 2022, we completed a total of 118 articles for our case study domain. As you may have picked up after reading last month’s revenue report, we recently hired a few more writers. That will give us the manpower required to help boost our content volume and quality. In about 6 months or so, we should hopefully start to see these new articles pick up more traffic…

Recent Articles Produced Per Month
Month Articles
May 2022 128
June 2022 132
July 2022 118
Total 378

Supporting Payment Evidence

To help show that our earnings are as honest and authentic as possible I will include some additional evidence from time to time.

As mentioned for this month we will receive a payment from Ezoic and another payment via Adsense. Below is the email confirmation from Payoneer.

Ezoic July 2022 Payoneer payout evidence

Here you can see the payout from Adsense via Ezoic’s mediation tool for £1,439.08 which is converted from $1,667 that was owed.

Ezoic Adsense Mediation Payout Proof

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