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$18,637 – May 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
May 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

It’s been 20 months since we made the switch to using Ezoic from solely relying on Google’s AdSense to monetize a case study domain of ours. You can click on that handy Revenue Reports tab up top to find a detailed month-by-month breakdown since then. But in short, our ad earnings have grown by more than 29x as much between October 2020 to April 2022. So, how has it fared in May?

As per usual over the past couple of months, we’re noticing a gradual growth trajectory, though this is perhaps not as high as we’d wanted. Still, May 2022’s respectable $18,637 in ad returns is nothing to scoff at. Overall, it’s a healthy gain over April 2022’s $17,585 in ad revenues. The majority of May 2022’s ad revenues came from Ezoic’s AI and machine learning-based intelligent ad platform.

Specifically, around $14,110 of our prior month’s ad earnings. Plus, it’s worth reminding you that our case study domain is a part of Ezoic’s upper-tier Premium program. With this, A-tier and high-paying advertisers have a greater likelihood of appearing through ads on your site. Thus, allowing your site to earn more from their deeper pockets. Our Premium ad partners contributed about $3,550.

Although, not all of our $18k gains were attributed to just Ezoic alone. One of Ezoic’s best features is its mediation tool, where you could simultaneously monetize your site with both Ezoic and Google AdSense. With it turned on, our May 2022 ad revenues were supplemented with another $978 from Google’s AdSense. The latter is a noticeably large drop from April’s $2,700 in AdSense money.

Key Figures

So, what gives, you might ask? Well, Google’s search engine had an algorithm change at the end of May. Though, our case study domain was luckily not as badly impacted as others. Still, an observant lot of you might notice that minor depression in our ad revenue charts here toward those final days of May 2022. It’s possible that we could’ve potentially earned more in May otherwise.

It’s still too early to say if this algorithm tweak will impact us in the long-run, especially growth-wise. But for the time being, it’s something that’s not entirely worrying, though we’ll be keeping an eye on it. On the bright side, our case study domain’s traffic is growing steadily, which gives us a bit of hope at least that ad revenues might still continue on an upwards climb in the following months.

May 2022 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $18,637.07
Traffic Visits 475,553
Pageviews 566,450
Engaged Pageviews 314,912
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $39.19

In particular, May 2022 saw more than 475,000 page visits and over 566,000 pageviews. Among the latter, nearly 315,000 of these pageviews are engaged readers that’ve spent a valuable amount of time on our site. In short, we’re still setting all-time highs as far as traffic is concerned, and it’s a very modest gain over April. Granted, our ePMV (earnings per thousand visitors), is down a bit to $39.19 at the moment.

Nevertheless, we’re still pretty happy with these results. On most days throughout May, we’d earn daily ad revenue in the high-$500s to low-$600s. On our best days, we almost netted nearly $700 for display advertising. This is also partly thanks to our content strategy, as we’ve been rather busy with creating at least 100 articles per month on our case study domain, which we managed in May.

Video Overview

If you’d like to experience the same rate of explosive growth in ad earnings as us, Ezoic’s ad revenue guarantee might be tempting. There, they promise that if you don’t earn at least 25% more than their rivals after 30 days, Ezoic will split the difference. And, 25% more on top of that. Once you’ve set up your site to monetize with Ezoic, we have plenty of other guides here to try and help you out, too.

We’ve written extensive comparisons between Ezoic and other ad networks, as well as tips on how you could better optimize your experience with Ezoic. Or, perhaps you might be interested in doing keyword research, or you’d want to understand how we’ve optimized the SEO on our site. If you’re still unsure, contact us on our Ask Me Anything page, or watch the video here to find out more…

Content Production

This month we have been very busy building content with 128 long-form articles published. We have hired a couple of extra writers to give the team an extra boost. We don’t expect these articles to start to rank well for another 6 to 9 months. Then hopefully at that point, they will start to pull in more traffic.

Recent Articles Produced Per Month
Month Articles
Mar 2022 84
Apr 2022 65
May 2022 128
Total 277

Supporting Payment Evidence

To help show that our earnings are as honest and authentic as possible I will include some additional evidence from time to time.

As mentioned for this month we will receive a payment from Ezoic and another payment via Adsense. Below is the email confirmation from Payoneer.

Ezoic payout evidence via payonner June 22

Here you can see the payout from Adsense via Ezoic’s mediation tool for £783.24 which is converted from $950 that was owed.

Adsense payout June 2022 evidence

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