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$19,199 – June 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
June 2022 Ezoic Earnings Report

21 months after switching over from Google’s AdSense to monetizing our case study domain with Ezoic, the results speak for themselves. If you need a monthly play-by-play, we’ve been jotting down our earnings since October 2020. So, be sure to click the handy Revenue Reports tab up there. But to keep things short, June 2022’s gains saw a slight uptick over our ad revenues back in May 2022.

Specifically, $19,199 versus $18,637 in the month prior (and just for context, we earned $17,585 for April 2022). So far, not a bad increase, and it’s our best month yet. We have to note, of course, that the $19,199 figure here isn’t solely from Ezoic’s AI and machine-learning-based ad platform alone. A majority of it is earned through Ezoic, of course. Plus, we’re part of Ezoic’s Premium program.

This means that A-tier and high-paying advertisers have a greater chance of appearing in our case study domain, which is how you earn the big bucks around here. In total, we earned about $13,519 through Ezoic’s regular ad partners, while around $4,145 was earned from its Premium partners. In addition, we’ve also turned on Ezoic’s clever mediation tool to allow us to monetize both ways.

As such, Google’s AdSense was able to sneak in a few more ads of its own (whenever Ezoic feels that it’ll earn us more). It wasn’t nearly as much, but we still gained around $1,538 in ad revenue on top of that. Overall, we netted more from AdSense and Ezoic’s Premium partners compared to last month. Plus, June 2022 saw an increase in our case study domain’s EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors).

Key Figures

Granted, that $42.18 EPMV (compared to $38.19 last month) balances out the lower traffic that we experienced in June 2022 in relation to May. We notched just over 455,000 site visitors, with nearly 560,000 pageviews. And, more than 299,000 of the latter are from engaged audiences. As for what our ad revenues were like daily, we’ve managed to earn at least $600 on most typical days.

Meanwhile, our worst days netted us mid-$500s in ad earnings per day. On the flip side, we nearly earned over $800 on our best days. Our peaks and bottom-line daily earnings are generally higher than in May on average, despite lower traffic inflows. A key factor here, which we’ve mentioned in the previous month’s update log, is a Google search engine algorithm update in late May.

June 2022 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $19.199.02
Traffic Visits 455,218
Pageviews 559,644
Engaged Pageviews 299,271
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $42.18

On the bright side, it hasn’t impacted us as badly as some others. Although, the new algorithm update has somewhat capped our growth momentum over the past few months. Originally, we expected more for July 2022, but it is what it is. The best that we can do is keep creating content.

But hey, we are growing in the right direction, so I’m happy. Another piece of data that I’ve not yet gone into detail before is breaking down our earnings by country. The majority of the readership in our case study domain is based in the US. Usually, they have the best ad rates and EPMVs, and this is proven here. With an EPMV of nearly $52, this is nearly double most other high-earning regions.

Video Overview

As for what we’re planning to do next, it’s clear that – as we mentioned earlier – we’ll have to work harder at targeting US-borne readers, owing to the lucrative EPMVs and ad rates there. This means forgoing our precious British English for an American dialect. As well as, being more clever with the keyword research, tweaking our writing, and more to make it familiar and comfier for US readers.

There are plenty of other little details and optimizations that you can practice to gain higher returns from Ezoic, too. That video down below has everything you need, such as turning on Ezoic’s caching. If you’d like to experience these high earnings too, Ezoic has an ad revenue guarantee. There, they’ll promise to earn you at least 25% more than their rivals… Or, Ezoic will split the difference!

Content Production

This month we have been very busy building content with 132 long-form articles published. We have hired a couple of extra writers last month to give the team an extra boost and it is working. We don’t expect these articles to start to rank well for another 6 to 9 months. Then hopefully at that point, they will start to pull in more traffic.

Recent Articles Produced Per Month
Month Articles
Apr 2022 65
May 2022 128
Jun 2022 132
Total 325

Supporting Payment Evidence

To help show that our earnings are as honest and authentic as possible I will include some additional evidence from time to time.

As mentioned for this month we will receive a payment from Ezoic and another payment via Adsense. Below is the email confirmation from Payoneer.

Here you can see the payout from Adsense via Ezoic’s mediation tool for £1,257.58 which is converted from $1,532 that was owed.

Adsense payout evidence

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Helder July 28, 2022 - 7:00 pm

How mutch was ezoic premium fee?

Paul July 29, 2022 - 6:51 am

Currently $2,200 a month.

Andrew Bell September 14, 2022 - 4:51 pm

How much does payoneer take as a % when you withdraw. Is Payoneer still he best way to withdraw from zoic? Thanks!

Paul September 17, 2022 - 4:10 am

Payoneer is the best way to take payment via Ezoic. It doesn’t take a percentage. Just a $3 charge per transaction. I have received $10,000+ with just a $3 dollar payment.


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