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$606 – October 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul

October 2020 will mark the first month of our switch from using Google’s AdSense, and over to one of the more premium ad network providers out there, Ezoic. To give ourselves a baseline figure, all of our ad revenue for the whole of September came to £134.57. Or, around $177.43, as of writing. This came purely from AdSense, mind you. So, how did Ezoic’s intelligent AI-powered ad system play out?

Well, in our first month alone, we managed to see a huge jump in earnings for our site. Nearly 3.5x as much, in fact. Our total ad revenue through Ezoic for the month of October 2020 came to $606.04. It’s marked a pretty great return so far, despite us seeing a similar amount of traffic as was the case with AdSense in the earlier months. Plus, our case study domain, while old, was never really focused on SEO.

October 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

To summarise a few other key figures for October, we’ve garnered more than 35,000 visits in this time period, with over 41,000 pageviews. We’re also quite pleased that more than half of these pageviews (around 24,000) are what Ezoic considers to be ‘engaged’ pageviews. In the figure below, you can see that our ePMV (or, ‘earnings per thousand visitors‘) is roughly $16.97 on average across all pages.

This is much higher than AdSense’s usually single-digit dollars in CPM (or, ‘cost per thousand‘) for that same traffic. Although, that doesn’t mean that AdSense hasn’t helped. Ezoic’s mediation tools allow it to automatically show ads from AdSense on your page if it thinks AdSense could earn you more. This is a pretty clever tool and has earned us an additional £28.81 on top of our Ezoic earnings for October.

Key Figures

For a spot of context, you can see in this snapshot that our daily ad revenue is pretty decent, too. We’d be seeing around $20 to $30 in ad earnings every day, which is miles higher than Google AdSense. Our ePMV is already a modest figure, but it’ll keep getting higher as we continue working with Ezoic. Aside from that, seeing these first-month earnings are inspiring us to step up our content production.

What happens if we focused our content to monetize for more ads… And especially, to target all the SEO that’s being pulled in from Google? By further increasing traffic into the site, the ad revenue from Ezoic here could very easily skyrocket. Thus far, we’re already seeing a great return on investment. It’s a solid plan that we’re laying the groundwork on, and we have loads more to talk about Ezoic soon.

October 2020 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $606.04
Traffic Visits 35,719
Pageviews 41,272
Engaged Pageviews 24,441
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $16.97

For now, we’re certainly keen to see where Ezoic will take us. Admittedly, it does take a bit of time for Ezoic’s ad system to further refine ad placements and optimization for your site. Perhaps, somewhere in the timeframe of 12 or so weeks. So, we still have a long way to go. Another key strength of Ezoic is its ability to play well with smaller blogs like ours. As well as, larger sites with millions of followers.

So, if you’re already an established site, you might be using similar tools like AdThrive or Mediavine. In that case, making the switch to Ezoic makes a lot of sense. Especially, given its 25% increase on the ad revenue for your site, as a guarantee. From what we can see, we’ve enjoyed much higher returns than “just” 25%. Whether you’re a beginner in this space or not, Ezoic might be the perfect tool for you.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

If you’re interested in making the switch over to Ezoic, but maybe you’re not sure how or are perhaps a tad concerned about this transition? In that case, feel free to head over to our Contact page, and I’m more than happy to chat and provide some pointers.

Alternatively, maybe you could drop a comment down on our video above or the blog post below, which goes through a few more minute details about our October ad earnings…

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