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DisplayAds.info – Helping You Earn More From Display Adverts

Helping you earn more from display adverts online with Ezoic.

by Paul

Hello there, and welcome to our little corner of the expansive world wide web! We’re proud to have you on our blog, owned and run by an independent publisher (Called Paul, nice to meet you), and created to guide our fellow internet entrepreneurs on the hidden treasures of the internet… Ads! Specifically, with displaying ads on your webpage and monetizing through them, as is the case with our time using Ezoic.

Web-based advertising has always been a finicky little thing. Oftentimes, it’s hard to earn anything with them and do so consistently to continually grow your business. But at the same time, go a bit too aggressive with the ads, and potential visitors would flee your page left and right. Although, not optimizing the ads properly, and you’d either earn too little or find that it’s just not worth it.

Hence, why we’ve been inspired to create this blog and share our success stories with you. This is all based on our experiences with Ezoic, one of the top premium ad network providers out there. Some of you might not have heard of “Ezoic” before, have you? That’s exactly what happened when we began using their tools and services. Well, our ad revenue has been on an upwards trajectory ever since.

Of course, this site isn’t just made to share our journey with Ezoic. Instead, we’d love to spread our understanding and learnings regarding online monetization with you publishers out there. Plus, diving deep into all of the how-what-where-when-why of earning a living out of showing ads. With our data and results from using Ezoic, you can compare them for yourself to decide if they’re the right fit for you.

What Will You Find On Our Site?

Here, you’ll find a plethora of topics on our site. Our webpage is extensively written, cataloging our every waking hour with Ezoic from the very moment we started. You’ll even find revenue reports, as a collection of articles where we talked about how much we earned through Ezoic’s premium ads. We regularly release new reports every month, going all the way back to October 2020!

Furthermore, we’ve prepared a lengthy and detailed review of Ezoic as a whole. There, we looked at the platform, as well as the benefits, downsides, features, and services it offers. Click around, and we have countless more tips and tricks scattered throughout. Here, we’ll be teaching you a wide variety of topics. Primarily, on how to best maximize your ad revenue through Ezoic.

Otherwise, we have an abundance of topics discussing stuff like how to optimize SEO (search engine optimization). Or, how to grow traffic on your site, and go into the nitty-gritty for each one. Besides that, our site here is dedicated to sharing our journey with Ezoic, which goes back a decent time. This generally covers how we’ve been through the ups and downs of running a site with ads.

Prior to this site (that you’re reading on) having been founded, we experimented with how Ezoic’s ads are performing on an unnamed case study domain. You can read more about what we do over there, as well. Albeit, we’ll be censoring a lot to limit copycat sites and competition, but we’ll try to be open and transparent where possible. If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to have a chat!

Lastly, just to make it very clear, this site isn’t owned or controlled by Ezoic, it’s owned by me a standalone publisher (Paul) sharing his storey about building an income using Ezoic. Yes, we may receive an affiliate income if new users sign up with Ezoic, but not at the cost of the user.

Best of luck building your ad income, I am confident we can help you put more dollars in your account!

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