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Ezoic Case Study Highlights August 2022

by Paul
Ezoic Case Study Highlights August 2022

If you’ve come across this site before – or if you’re new, welcome aboard! – you might know that we’d been monetizing a case study domain with Ezoic for a decent amount of time now. In fact, it’s almost been 2 whole years since we first made the transition over from Google’s AdSense to Ezoic. Since that moment, we’ve never looked back, seeing how much we’ve been able to earn through using Ezoic.

We’ve logged our aforementioned case study domain’s earnings each month, which you could check out by clicking on that handy Revenue Reports tab up top. Going back month by month, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the past (nearly) couple of years. But going through all that data may be a bit of a chore, so Ezoic handily did it for us instead, in conjunction with its Content Month initiative.

Every once in a while, Ezoic sends an email to publishers, highlighting their achievements among the other milestones that they’ve crossed since they joined and monetized with Ezoic. It’s a neat way for publishers to get a condensed, compressed, and summarised view of all that they’ve accomplished in their time with Ezoic. So, I thought of sharing with you first-hand what getting this email is like.

If anything, it’s a great way to showcase just how far we’ve come since swapping over to using Ezoic back in late 2020. And, taking notes of how much it’s changed how we look at monetization, content creation, and search engine optimization as a whole, among others. Since then, we’ve matured quite a bit with how running a website feels like, and growing more confident with sharing stuff online.

How Far Have We Come?

So, if you’re a publisher who’s monetizing – or, are thinking of switching to Ezoic – here are some of the analytics, facts, and figures to highlight why Ezoic is so, so worth it…

Huh… it’s been that long, eh? Our first full month of monetizing with Ezoic was back in October of 2020. So, that makes it 95 weeks ago as of August 2022 – amazing! Immediately upon joining, we’ve noted a roughly 3.5x increase in ad revenues for October compared to September 2020. The latter is our final month solely relying on Google AdSense, marking an impressive gain in such a short time.

Here’s another mind-blowing fact, our case study domain netted nearly 4.8-million page visits since we began monetizing with Ezoic. Never in a million years did I think we could have this many people visiting our site. Last month, July 2022, saw our case study domain attracting over 488,000 visits. It’s our best month yet, and with this in mind, let’s see if we could continue to maintain this upwards streak.

Just to showcase how much a publisher could earn with Ezoic, we’ve earned nearly $175,000 in just ad earnings alone since we began. For those who don’t know, Ezoic adopts clever machine learning and AI to dynamically alter how ads are shown to a site’s visitors. Thus, improving engagement and user experience. With this alone, they’re able to highly maximize and optimize one’s ad revenues.

Have We Really Done That Much?

While we can’t show you exactly what page it was, this slide linked us to our top-earning content. It’s a banger, let me tell you that! This single page earned nearly 112,000 pageviews, as well as netting a chunky $4,700+ (as of writing) in ad revenues. If you’re curious to beat our figures, Ezoic’s ad revenue guarantee promises to earn you 25% more in ad revenues in 30 days. Or, they’ll pay the difference!

Here’s something that we didn’t know before – our case study domain had traffic sourced from 1,416 different domains. The majority of which, nearly 4 million of them, came from Google.com. This isn’t a big surprise to me. After all, the entire focal point of our case study domain over the past couple of years has been min-maxing SEO on Google’s search algorithms to attract as much traffic as possible.

Besides written content, which is how we started and are focusing almost entirely on, we have been branching out to making videos, too. This is a new form of experimentation for us, which we started doing only a few months ago. Essentially, we’re creating narrated content based on the content that we’ve written before. So far, it seems to be working, with more than 69,000 views on those videos.

Specifically, that’s 19 whole videos that we’ve done thus far – with more to come! Here’s another fun fact about Ezoic, you can make and host videos on there, as well. It’s an alternative to hosting videos on YouTube, which works very well. However, you can have those Ezoic-hosted videos monetized using Ezoic’s ad tech. This means allowing you to highly maximize your ad revenues even further.

How Much Further Can We Go?

For the most part, our case study domain was geared to a mainly American audience. Although, our site is (still) based in the UK, and we occasionally create UK-based content, too. The reason why that became our MO was that ad rates were more lucrative if they came from a US-based traffic source. Nevertheless, our content, as noted here, is accessed and enjoyed across 235 different countries around the world.

Another pleasing detail to note, according to Ezoic, is how we’ve entered the top-7% of publishers on their platform, based on pageviews. This was a humbling surprise, as I’d reminisce just how far we’ve come. Yet, based on the data that I could find, the EPMVs (earning per thousand visitors) for our case study domain were higher than most other sites. In theory, we may rank even higher than that 7% if earnings are taken into account.

So, that just about rounds up our little summary of how our case study domain has held up over the last (almost) 2 years. It’s certainly fascinating to witness the level of growth that we’ve experienced since then. For now, these are mere numbers on a screen, yet they’ll continue to serve as an inspiration for us to move forward. Until then, feel free to browse around our site here for more guides, reviews, insights, studies, as well as tips and tricks!

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