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$1,186 – March 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
March 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

Another day, another dollar… Or, so they say. It’s been half a year now since we began a case study on how much you could feasibly earn through Ezoic’s premium ads over AdSense. Using a sample domain that we dug up a while back, it’s fair to say that we’ve been pleasantly surprised. In September, while we still relied upon Google’s AdSense for embedding ads onto that case study domain, it netted us just $177.

That’s for the whole month. Meanwhile, making the switch over to Ezoic immediately saw our revenue from ad placements shooting up to $606. In November, this rose again to $961 but dropped a tiny bit in December to $902. That was an error on our end, as we were experimenting with its configurations. The good-old January CPM hit us pretty hard (not to mention a site outage), cutting it down to $699.

March 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

February 2021, however, marked a breakthrough, as we finally breached that four-digit figure. Our ad revenues for that entire month were a neat $1,032. That upward trend continues as March rolls on by, and our ad earnings have risen further to $1,186. There’s plenty of good news to be had while looking into and analyzing traffic on the site. We had over 62,000 visits and more than 72,000 pageviews.

All pretty good so far, especially the over 43,000 ‘engaged’ pageviews that gave our domain plenty of reading time. Although, our March ePMV (earnings per thousand visitors) is lower than February, with an average of $19.00. Still, the total monthly returns are above and beyond Ezoic’s own guarantee of you earning 25% more in ad revenue… Or, they’ll split the difference! All in all, we’re pretty chuffed.

Key Figures

I mean, there have even been days when we breached more than $50 in ad yields in March. Plus, our ad earnings, when spread apart by day, are far more stable. That’s compared to how sporadic it was in the prior months. So, what’s changed? For starters, Ezoic uses machine learning and AI to best manage as well as determine the how-what-where of ads being displayed on our domain. This does take time.

Ezoic says that it takes anywhere between 12 or so weeks for the AI to properly understand everything that works. And, what doesn’t work at all, before optimizing it further. That AI might’ve finally gotten a grip on things starting from February, and it’s steadily ramping it up in this past March. We’ve been working on the back-end in Ezoic’s dashboard too, slowly tinkering and tweaking various settings.

March 2021 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $1,186.53
Traffic Visits 62,459
Pageviews 72,677
Engaged Pageviews 43,888
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $19.00

It’s a rabbit hole when you’re just getting started, that’s for sure. You can go into the nitty-gritty of caching, maximizing the load times, analyzing data, and a whole lot more. Still, this isn’t to say that we’ve been wasting all that ad revenue. Ezoic’s higher earnings from ads have allowed us to invest more into our content. This means high-quality, keyword-focused, long-form SEO articles.

We really began picking up the pace with that content in early 2022, and you could see plenty more in the coming months. For now, we’ll be keeping a close eye on how our site performs through Ezoic, and report back to you here. It’s been immensely lucrative up until now, and I remain optimistic. If you’re a small site with 10,000 visits or a publication with 10,000,000 or more readers, Ezoic’s the right tool for you.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

Understandably, making that transition might not be easy. Thankfully, Ezoic makes it pretty easy with Ezoics tools. Here, you can split traffic between ad providers. So, you’re winning by earning ad revenue from both parties, if you’re keen on just testing the waters. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and have a chat about signing up to Ezoic, or leave a comment in the video below or the blog post…

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