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$1,032 – February 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
February 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

So far, I’d say the timing for running our Ezoic case study has been rather interesting, to say the least. We began making the switch from Google’s AdSense in early October. That’s after making off with a modest $177 in ad revenue from AdSense. But in our first month of using Ezoic alone, we netted earnings that handily beat the earlier month’s figure by 3.5x, at $606. It rose again in November, peaking at $961.

December saw us undertaking a few experimental tweaks, which saw adverse consequences of lower ad revenues for that month, of $902. Furthermore, January’s CPM (combined with a DNS issue that took our case study domain offline) saw ad revenue being cut drastically, to just $699. But fear not, it didn’t take long for us to cover those losses. February’s Ezoic premium ads earned us a new high of $1,032.

February 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

Finally, we broke into the four-digit mark, with a whopping 483% gain in ad revenue since September. Month-on-month, these February analytics show growing traffic into our case study site, with over 52,000 in visits, and more than 61,000 worth of pageviews. Amongst them, we attracted over 35,000 ‘engaged’ pageviews. The latter are parts of the audience that spent quite a bit of time browsing around.

January’s gut-wrenching CPMs are now over, thankfully. With Ezoic’s premium ads, our case study domain’s ePMV (earnings per thousand visitors) has risen back up to the $19.80 figure. Overall, it’s certainly far above and beyond Ezoic’s own guarantee of promising ad revenues at least 25% higher than what its premium ad network provider rivals like AdThrive and Mediavine (and certainly AdSense) can offer.

Key Figures

Plus, let’s not forget that February is a much shorter month, with just 28 days to monetize as much as we can from placing ads. There were a couple of days where we’d nearly touch $50 a day. Quite a lot more promising, that’s for sure. Now, these massive gains aren’t merely by magic. If you don’t know, Ezoic uses machine learning and AI to manage how, where, and what advertisements are displayed.

Through gauging your reactions to these ads, Ezoic could determine the best place in the site to show ads, as well as how big those ad banners are, or what sort of ads to show. Usually, this process where Ezoic would learn through trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t takes around 12 weeks. We can see in February that Ezoic’s AI-powered ads have already figured and optimized things out.

February 2021 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $1,032.86
Traffic Visits 52,170
Pageviews 61,038
Engaged Pageviews 35,065
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $19.80

I’ve also been working on optimizing some of the back-end configurations, as well. It’s pretty nice to see that our (case study) site isn’t only gaining recognition. Moreover, the amount we’re earning by showing Ezoic’s ads is gradually rising over time. We’ve reinvested these new yields into developing SEO-focused content, which we’re focusing on 20 or so articles per month.

These long-form articles with keyword targeting would hopefully bring significantly more traffic into the site, as it slowly starts to rank on Google. Albeit, that might take upwards of 6 months or more to bring traffic before we could see any profits being made there. So far though, switching from Google AdSense to Ezoic is a no-brainer. Ezoic is very welcoming of all sites, whether they’re small or large.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

If you’re keen on signing up and making the transition to Ezoic, feel free to head over to our Contacts page. There, you can have a chat with me, and we’ll be happy to help you hook up your business with Ezoic. If you’re still unsure, Ezoic’s tools allow you to integrate your site partially with their ads, just to try things out. Otherwise, our video down below might give you a few pointers…

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