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$961 – November 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
November 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

Last month, we introduced you to our case study around a website that we’re monetizing through ads from premium ad provider, Ezoic. October 2020 marked our switch from Google’s AdSense, just to see how it plays out. In those initial 30 days alone, Ezoic did pretty well for us. We noted a 3.5x in revenue from ads within a month, despite there not being much of an increase as far as traffic is concerned.

With all that in mind, how would November 2020 treat us, then? Somehow, it gets even better still, as we’re now nearly touching those four-digit monthly ad earnings that we never thought was reachable with AdSense. Specifically, we’ve netted $961.71 for our total ad revenue for the month of November, thanks to Ezoic. It’s nearly 5.5x as much compared to our AdSense earnings for September of $177.

November 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

For a comparison, November’s ad earnings are around 58% higher than October, also through Ezoic’s premium ad networking. Overall, pretty fantastic returns, and it gives us great optimism for what’s to come from Ezoic. Although, this incredible gain in ad earnings came from more than just optimization and refinement on the part of Ezoic. Our case study domain there has garnered a bit more traffic, as well.

You can read up our quick report in October to reference the foot traffic back then. For now, our case study site has around 44,000 visits for November, with over 51,000 pageviews. About 30,000 of those pageviews are what Ezoic has marked as ‘engaged’ audiences. In all, that comes to another neat little gain for our November ePMV (‘earnings per thousand visitors‘). It’s now up to an average of $21.79.

Key Figures

The whole purpose of these monthly reports is to see just how well Ezoic performs against AdSense as far as ad earnings go. After all, Ezoic themselves have a guarantee set in stone where you’ll earn 25% more in ad revenue moving over from similar solutions. They’ve certainly kept their promise, based on our testing and experience. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that Google’s AdSense hasn’t played a part in it.

One of Ezoic’s cleverest tools is its mediation system. Here, Ezoic could automatically pull in ads from AdSense, if it thinks that Google’s ads could earn more than Ezoic. Last month, we netted around $36 from AdSense, while the rest came from Ezoic. Not a whole lot, but every penny counts. Altogether, it could get even higher as time flies past, as Ezoic continually tweaks and optimizes ads on your site.

November 2020 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $961.71
Traffic Visits 44,131
Pageviews 51,306
Engaged Pageviews 30,311
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $21.79

It takes around 12 weeks for their AI-powered ad system to experiment with ad placements and many other back-end fine-tuning, such as determining the size of the ad banners, or what ads to show. This is all done without requiring you to spend countless hours playing around with the settings. If the last couple of months is a telling sign, it seems that Ezoic could significantly upend how we make content.

We’ll be spending those extra ad earnings, and investing them into new and more interesting content. Additionally, by focusing on SEO to try and pull in more traffic for it. Say, 2,000 pageviews or so. Given a year to rank, and assuming a monthly pageview of 1,000, it could net us a healthy $200 for a whole year. Our plan now is to create 10 articles in total with this strategy and let’s see how it performs.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

Ezoic’s premium ads haven’t just proven to be hugely lucrative, but they’re also pretty easy to get into and sign-up for. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 pageviews a month, or 1,000,000 or even higher. If you’re keen to make that switch, head over to our Contact page. I’ll be more than happy to chat and help you out with that transition. If you need more details, perhaps this video summary might help…

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