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$699 – January 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul

Since we began transitioning towards using premium ads from Ezoic rather than monetizing through Google’s AdSense, we’ve been tracking a generally upwards gain in ad revenue. In October 2020, we noted ad earnings of $606, while it rose parabolically to $961 in November. For December, we made certain configuration changes and tinkered a bit with Ezoic, which lead to lower earnings of $902.

Still, that was my bad. In general, our journey with Ezoic’s AI-powered ads has yielded revenues far higher than AdSense. For comparison, our last month with AdSense (September 2020) earned us only $177 for the entire 30 days. With that in mind, how has January fared, four months into using Ezoic? Well, the results have been a little lower this month, admittedly. Although, this was by no means the fault of Ezoic… Or us, even.

January 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

We all know that January CPMs are deadly, and our case study site netted only $699.16 for the entire month’s ad revenue. This was just barely higher than October, despite steadily growing traffic. More specifically, January 2021 saw over 55,000 visits and more than 65,000 pageviews. In particular, we gained over 39,000 ‘engaged’ pageviews, where our audience spent valuable time on that domain.

Our ad earnings for January were further hampered when, as you can see in that snapshot, an outage occurred, taking the site offline. I believe that was a DNS error. Altogether, January’s ePMV (earnings per thousand visitors) has gone back down to $12.60. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic that there’s higher ad earnings and returns to come, as we leave January’s CPM behind, and head into February.

Key Figures

So, about that January CPM (cost per thousand), which you can refer to Ezoic’s ad revenue index. This chart shows the average earnings through online advertising and monetization, relative to what day it is. This applies to not just Ezoic but is reflected with other ad providers, such as AdSense, as well. In general, the later months of the year, leading up to December, usually sees the higher ad revenue.

Ezoic Ad Revenue Index - Ezoic Results

After all, most brands and companies are busy marketing their goods and services for Christmas and the holiday season. However, much of their advertising budget would be exhausted by January, which is why those same brands aren’t as keen to bid on ad spots during the start of the new year. With fewer bids, it explains why CPMs tank hard in January, before slowly recovering in the following months.

January 2021 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $699.16
Traffic Visits 55,497
Pageviews 65,674
Engaged Pageviews 39,520
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $12.60

So, don’t be surprised when your new year’s ad yields are practically cut in half in some cases, as the calendar rolls over to January. This cycle repeats every year, too. Although, we can’t scoff at $700, as that’s still a decent chunk of change. It’s maintained Ezoic’s promise of earning you 25% more in ads than its competitors. Plus, our ad revenue here is complemented through Ezoic’s mediation tools.

It’s a clever system that’ll allow Ezoic to embed AdSense ads instead if they feel that it could net you more than its own ads. All of this has gone to some good use, at least. We’re reinvesting these higher returns from Ezoic into more content. We’ve come to a point now where we could invest in roughly 20 or so SEO-focused articles every month, which hopefully will bring a lot more traffic into the site.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

If you’re currently using AdSense, it’s just as easy to make the move over to Ezoic. Combined with its AdSense mediation tools, it’s essentially a win-win. You’re earning from both Ezoic and Google, with a fatter income stream than before. Should you be unsure about where to get started, feel free to head over to our Contact page to have a chat with me. Otherwise, our video here might be of help, too…

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