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$902 – December 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
December 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

The past couple of months have seen a substantial upwards trend as we try to experiment with using a premium ad network like Ezoic to monetize our site. Compared to its rivals like AdThrive or Mediavine and especially AdSense, we’ve seen huge multiples in our case study. In October, we earned $606, on top of $961 in ad revenue from November. Meanwhile, AdSense earned us just $177 in September.

So, how about December 2020… Has Ezoic been raking in that ad revenue for us once more? Well, its ads on our unnamed case study domain had earned us $902 in ad earnings for the whole of December 2020. This is on top of a slight increase in traffic over November. This 31-day period saw more than 45,000 visits and over 52,000 pageviews. More than 31,000 of those pageviews are defined as ‘engaged’.

December 2020 Ezoic Earnings Report

Or, audiences that have spent a bit of time on a particular page. Although, our old friend, AdSense, is still playing a key role in monetizing our case study domain. This is done through Ezoic’s pretty clever mediation tools. Through this, it’ll show Google’s ads on their system, if Ezoic thinks that Adsense could yield higher ad earnings compared to Ezoic. While it’s not a lot, those tens of dollars are certainly handy.

Now, you might’ve already noticed that December 2020’s ad earnings are lower than November, both monetized through Ezoic. So, what happened? Well, we tried playing around with tweaking Ezoic on our site, just to help optimize it. Primarily, we tried limiting ads on some pages, like shorter news and blog snippets. I think it’s had a somewhat negative impact on ad earnings for this month as a whole. To be honest, I should have just left it to self optimise rather than playing around with it.

Key Figures

It should be noted that December is almost always the best time of the year to monetize ads. Still, the decrease in earnings here isn’t heavily impactful, but it’s noticeable enough. But hey, there’s a lesson to be learned, at least. As a new user, we’ll continue to fine-tune it gradually as time goes on. So, we’re hoping that it’ll eke out some gains regardless. You might be wondering as to what we’ve done, no?

Well, besides limiting ads on certain pages (news articles), we’ve tried changing around the speed optimization and performance settings. To that effect, we’ve accidentally made the page load slower in some cases, in addition to a few other mistakes that we’ve made. As a consequence of experimenting, our December ePMV (or, ‘earnings per thousand visitors‘) has seen a slight drop from November’s $21.79 average.

December 2020 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $902.17
Traffic Visits 45,137
Pageviews 52,249
Engaged Pageviews 31,588
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $19.99

Now, it’s sitting at an average of $19.99. This doesn’t change the fact that Ezoic itself would continue to make subtle improvements of its own, too. Their AI-powered ads are regularly experimenting with ad placements. That’ll help Ezoic’s ads to understand more of what sticks and what doesn’t. Typically, this is a process that should take 12 weeks or so to settle in. But despite all that, we’re still pleased.

We’re earning far more than AdSense did. Thus, our own experiences validate Ezoic’s claim that their ads could earn you 25% more than competing solutions. That includes comparing it to other premium ad services like AdThrive and Mediavine. Additionally, Ezoic’s ecosystem is fairly welcoming of all sites across the web. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small or overly large webpage that needs ads.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

If you’re thinking of making the switch and signing up, feel free to head over to our Contact page. I’ll be happy to chat and help you out with that transition to Ezoic. We’ve already invested our earnings into over 15 SEO-focused articles to pull more traffic, and we’ll keep on documenting how our case study progresses as we move forward. If you need more details, this video down below might help…

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