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$8,779 – November 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
November 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

Today marks the 14th month since we began making these monthly reports on our case study of how much more Ezoic’s ad network could earn you in ad revenues over Google’s AdSense. There have been moments of shock and awe, and in the best ways imaginable. For context, our last month with just AdSense alone (back in September 2020) had earned us just $177 for the entire 30 days.

However, upon making the transition over to Ezoic in October 2020, we documented ad earnings that peaked at $606. Yet, it didn’t stop there. By February 2021, just several months later, we finally broke into the four-digit mark, netting $1,032 in returns. That figure gradually rose, until it skyrocketed into yielding a whopping $5,636 by June 2021. By September, Ezoic’s premium ads netted us $6,957.

November 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

This snowballed into $7,120 by October, and seeing that it’s now November, how has it played out? A closer look into the analytics shows that our November profits have surged once more to $8,779. This is a mind-boggling sum, to say the least. Granted, we still have to give thanks to AdSense. Using their neat mediation tools, Ezoic’s capable of letting us monetize from them, and AdSense simultaneously.

Of course, a key part of this eye-watering jump is the content that our unnamed case study site is creating. And, how it’s attracted continually higher traffic. We had more than 217,000 visits in November, as well as nearly 248,000 in pageviews. Over 155,000 of which are ‘engaged’ pageviews, who are folks that have spent a good bit of time on the site. Our ePMV (earnings per thousand visits) rose a lot, too.

Key Figures

As it stands, our ePMV is at a new all-time high of $40.40, breaking into the $40 mark. Besides that, our daily ad revenues have seen significant upticks, as well. There have been days where we’d earn more than $300 per day, with mid-$200s at the very least. At its peak, our site netted ad earnings of over $385 within 24 hours, which is crazy given that months back, $50 a day seemed good enough.

So, about that content, we mentioned earlier… Our case study domain focuses primarily on long-form, SEO-targeted articles aimed at attracting heavy organic traffic. It does take a little while to start ranking well in Google, likely around 6 months or so, at least. From the very beginning, we reinvested much of our ad earnings into creating more content, and the results have thus far been very promising.

November 2021 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $8,779
Traffic Visits 217,309
Pageviews 247,787
Engaged Pageviews 155,561
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $40.40

The goal for us now is to create 100 of these articles every month, with extensive keyword research to support them. We’re slowly optimizing our keyword selection to certain high-volume ones, with at least 500 searches a month or more. As a whole, the income that we’ve generated from our switch to Ezoic has yielded us far more than their own guarantee of you earning 25% more in ad revenue.

Or, they’ll pay the difference. If you’re a smaller site with fewer than 10,000 visits, Ezoic’s more than happy to welcome you aboard through their Access Now program. But what if you’re already an established publication, and are subscribed to other premium ad networks like AdThrive and Mediavine? I’d say take a look at what we’ve earned so far, and maybe consider making that transition to have a go.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

Besides embedding ads on your site, Ezoic has an abundance of tools that could help you out. From a set of optimization tools to speed up loading times, video hosting to supplement rich media, on top of their caching features, among others. If you’re interested or are keen to sign up, be sure to head over to our Contact page or leave a comment in the video below, and I’ll be happy to help out…

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