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$5,831 – August 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

by Paul
August 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

Ah, what a ride it’s been these past few months. As we undertook a case study of an unnamed case study domain to see how much you could earn through Ezoic’s premium ads compared to Google, it’s left us stunned… In a good way, of course. During our last month with Google’s AdSense, we earned around $177 in ad revenue. When we made the switch a month later in October 2020, it instantly jumped.

At the time, we earned $606 in ad revenue. The remainder of 2020 (November and December) saw us rushing towards that magical four-digit threshold. We finally got there in February, as Ezoic helped to earn $1,032 in ad revenue for our site. By May 2021, it kept on growing to peak at $1,678. If that was us doing okay for ourselves, we almost fell out of our chairs when June 2021 yielded around $5,636.

August 2021 Ezoic Earnings Report

We’re still not sure what happened there, but it was likely a Google search algorithm update that favored our site a bit more. Nevertheless, we’re quite pleased, especially when that trend continued in July 2021, with us recording ad revenues of $5,396. So, as is the fashion with our monthly reports, how did we land in August of 2021? Well, we’re still going up, as we reported ad earnings of $5,831.

Traffic into our site had a slight uptick over July. We saw more than 168,000 visits and over 193,000 pageviews for August. Of that figure, nearly 123,000 of them are classed as ‘engaged’ pageviews. It represented a part of our audience that spent a fair amount of time on the site. Meanwhile, our case study domain’s ePMV (earnings per thousand visitors) sat at $34.59, denoting a minor drop over July.

Key Figures

There was plenty of other great news besides that, too. Throughout August, we had plenty of days where we’d be earning more than $200 in ad earnings every day. At the very least, we’re still looking at around $175 each day. It’s astounding to think that just a few months ago, we were pleased with $50 in ad revenue a day. All of these profits come from Ezoic alone.

We also have Ezoic’s clever mediation tools in play. This essentially allows our site to be monetized through Ezoic and AdSense, all at once. In real-time, Ezoic will continually show ads either from its own network or Google’s, depending on who’ll earn you more. It also helps that we’ve been putting a lot of work into reinvesting the gains into our content. And, we have loads to come.

August 2021 Ad Revenue From Ezoic
Revenue (Total) $5,831.87
Traffic Visits 168,613
Pageviews 193,528
Engaged Pageviews 122,706
ePMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) $34.59

At the minute, we’re planning to put ourselves in a position where we’d be able to create 100 or so SEO-focused articles each month. Having seen what Ezoic can do, it’s shown us that despite the high premiums and cost, they’ve nevertheless allowed us to earn handsomely over time. Our plan moving forward will be to continue pushing out more content, and giving it 6 to 12 months to rank.

That’ll hopefully bring more traffic growth into the site. Right now, we’re also subscribed to Ezoic’s premium program. It’s a simple model that’ll allow our site to gain top-tier advertisers, and thus, higher returns. So far, it’s worked out well, and far above Ezoic’s own guarantee of you earning at least 25% more in ad revenue. If you’re not already using Ezoic, now’s a good time to sign up.

Ezoic Earnings Video Overview

If you’re wondering about payment, we’re using Payoneer, which seems to be the most cost-effective option thus far. All in all, we’re happily recommending Ezoic to anyone still using AdSense. Or, maybe even their direct rivals like AdThrive and Mediavine. If you need someone to chat with, head over to our Contact page or the comments section in this handy video below to reach out to me…

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