Hi Paul,

I have been following your website for a long time, I appreciate what you’re doing.

I’m Vidur, I am the founder of anime-internet.com

I am struggling with low epmv with ezoic.

During April-May 2022, I was touching EPMV of nearly 2.3$, for almost 10k pageviews, my 25% traffic being from the US.

Since the may update my traffic dwindled to nearly half, and after that I dropped off ezoic.

Now, From august I again have joined ezoic, it has been nearly 50 days, and my epmv is still hovering around 1.3-.1.5$, which is pretty low,  pageviews being around 5-6k.

can you please take a look? and suggest me your viewpoint.

Thank you,


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