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Ads.txt And Ezoic Explained

by Paul
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Ads.txt is a vital tool for publishers looking to protect their revenue and guard against domain spoofing. Essentially, it’s a file that you add to your website that verifies your ownership and lists the authorized entities that can sell your ad inventory.

Google has embraced ads.txt as a means of preventing bad actors from interfering in the digital ad ecosystem. This is particularly important for larger websites, but smaller and medium-sized sites could be affected in the future. All publisher sites are now required to have a valid ads.txt file.

If you already have an ads.txt file, it’s important to keep it up to date by including all of your ad partners. The Ezoic platform offers a handy Ads.txt validation tool, which you can use to verify that your file is correct and up-to-date. If you’re using Ezoic’s nameserver or Cloudflare integration, the platform will automatically append information for Ezoic’s network partners to your file. If you’re using the Ezoic WordPress plugin, you will need to take an additional step to link the Ezoic account to your site.

Setting up an ads.txt file is straightforward and can be done automatically using the Ezoic platform. Simply navigate to the Ad Transparency tab in your dashboard, locate the ads.txt app, and select the automatic setup option. Ezoic will guide you through the process of creating your file, previewing and editing entries, turning on the file, and verifying it for accuracy. If you already have an ads.txt file, Ezoic will detect it and append the necessary information.

If you need to create an ads.txt file from scratch, or you’re integrated with the Ezoic WordPress plugin, you can use Ads.txt Manager, an Ezoic product. Simply sign up, authorize Ezoic and any other ad partners you use, and add the necessary information to your file. Ezoic’s information will be automatically added when you authorize it, and you can add information for other ad partners as needed.

In conclusion, ads.txt is a crucial tool for publishers looking to protect their revenue and maintain control over their ad inventory. The Ezoic platform offers a straightforward and easy-to-use solution for creating and managing your ads.txt file, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing file.

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