Hi Paul,

I’m so glad that I found your blog & this Q&A zone. Can I ask about my ad manager account register? (Cuz I failed at the previous time for my 50k visits traffic US site so at this time I want to be more careful)

I build a new site, also target US traffic. I use that site to sign up for Adsense account. I haven’t registered Ezoic yet with this site.

Yesterday, Adsense accepted my site & now I’ve Adsense account. 

I remember Ezoic need ad manager account to start monetize with them. So I use this Adsense account to register Ad manager.

But I wonder in this step, on the network setting section which should I choose? My case is I’m Vietnammese. I live in Vietnam. But all my sites are targeting US audience. 80-90% traffic from US & I will receive USD for my earning.

With the Adsense account, when sign up, I use my real name &  my Vietnam address info. So in this section on ad manager register, should I choose USA, timezone GMT+5 & USD currency or all of them will be Vietnam’s property?

Screenshot highlight section -> here

I hope you understand my case & can give me some advice :( I really want to earn with display ads.

Thank you a lot Paul!

Paul Answered question September 4, 2022