Hi Paul, how’re you? It’s me again. I’m the guy on this thread . I came back to update something but don’t know why I can’t login to my account to leave reply on that thread so I’ve to create this new thread.

About the previous site, I’ve sold it for $15k. I need some cash for Q4 so I need to sold it.

After that, I rapidly build up a new site. The first article is published on 1st Oct. Now the site is having around 500-700 sessions/day.

The site is ranking up better & better day by day on this time. So I wonder should I install Ezoic and start earning now or wait later?

Because I know that after installing and displaying ad from Ezoic, the CWVs will be red score and maybe it will affect the ranking & traffic.

So can you give me some advice? Thank you Paul.

Paul Changed status to publish November 12, 2022