Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your content. All of them great content and worth to spend massive time on your blog. I need to pick your brain about starting.

I am trying to get a decision about creating a blog which focuses on technology and software. My blog posts will be vary and hard to focus on only one technology/software. For example, I want to write about CRM tools, Learning Management tools, social media tools and/or Email Automation tools. So, all of them look like a different niche.

Question 1. What would be your advice? Should I start with one website/domain name and write all my blog posts on this blog or should I create different websites/domain names for each subject?

Question 2. Is domain name important for the audience? Do I need to create niche specific domain names or any private label can be a brand?

Thank you!

Paul Selected answer as best October 24, 2022