So I am now considering doing some HARO links on one of my info sites that I’ve done no backlinking on; it looks like for about $3000, I can get seven haro backlinks.

When I look at the ROI, the site currently has 700 articles and gets about 2500 visitors daily. The DR is very low for the site at 6, so backlinks and authority could hold it back to an extent.

For $3000 a month, I could get about 100 to 200 articles a month. I am judging by my current profit, 1800÷740 = $2.4 an article a month in revenue after 3 to 6 months. If I had just gone for content, I would get about $350-$500 monthly in revenue after 6 to 12 months.

So what would the HARO links get me? That’s about seven backlinks; I estimate that a high DR may bump my site to maybe a DR of 15. let’s assume that now that the site is seen as more of an authority, it brings up all ships, and maybe I get a 20% increase in all keywords, which would be about an extra $400 a month.

So it looks like not buying HARO and doing content is about the same as doing content with Haro roi wise, except that the long-term effects of continuing to grow the site will be amplified because I already have some of that old HARO strength behind, even though there is a chance of length decay.

$3000 budget for this month

Invest in content = extra 350-500 a month in revenue in 6-12 months

Invest in Haro links = Extra $400 a month (on a 20% ranking increase for all  pages estimate)

What do you think, with my limited budget would you go HARO or continue with content with the hope of natural links slowly trickling in?

Paul Changed status to publish March 10, 2023